Tracking my TBR – September 2015

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“Tracking my TBR” is a new feature in which I look back on the prior month’s TBR progress — which books did I read? which books did I skip? — and feature the upcoming month’s TBR “grab-bag” (my version of a semi-scheduled TBR pile).

So, after my July hiatus, I wrote up a post about my “Hiatus progress” and my August TBR, which people seemed to like, so I think I’m going to continue the trend! Even though I know what books I read every month, and which ones fell by the wayside, I think it’s helpful to see it represented in a post. (Thanks so much to Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit for suggesting “Tracking my TBR” for this feature’s title!!)

So, when last we saw it, my August TBR “grab-bag” looked like this. (See my hiatus progress post for more info about my TBR grab-bags!) Out of that grab-bag (plus my list of books I need to reread) these were the books I ended up reading:


Rereads: Cinder, The Well of Ascension, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire
New Reads: Daughter of Dusk, Dumplin’, Everything, Everything, The Rest of Us Just Live Here,
Never Never, Queen of Shadows

I know, I know, only 6 new books read last month (INCLUDING QUEEN OF SHADOWS, YES, BECAUSE HOLY CRAP MY LIBRARY IS THE BEST LIBRARY). But I think I did well, especially considering that most of my weekends were totally booked! (Um, with stuff other than books. Unfortunately.)

Having struck 6 books from the August TBR Grab-Bag (QoS didn’t count, but I’m currently reading Fran Wild’s Updraft, which will count as my 1st September book), these are my August “leftovers”:


It’s a lot, I know. O_O I’m gonna try to shuffle some of those books into this month — like Last Song Before NightHunterLock & Mori, The UnquietThe Weight of Feathers, and This Monstrous Thing — because I really want to read them. But the rest will have to wait, because my official September TBR Grab-Bag is freaking glorious:


My #1 priorities are: The Aeronaut’s Windlass, The Rose Society, Dreamstrider, Signs Point to Yes, and The Scorpion Rules. (Shut up, don’t tell me that’s already 5 new books and I only read 6 last month. I WILL OVER-FILL MY PLATE IF I WANT TO, OKAY.)

What did you read in August?
Did you pick up any of the books I skipped?
Which of my September TBR are YOU most excited for?

Let me know in the comments! After I finish Updraft, I’m so excited to have a clean slate for September reads!

15 thoughts on “Tracking my TBR – September 2015

    • This is true! At least I got *something* done, lol. And OMG YES I am SO EXCITED for The Rose Society. I’m going to reread The Young Elites soon (on audio), and then diving right into TRS!!! O__O

  1. Seeing all those lovely books together like that makes me so happy! I can’t wait to read The Aeronaut’s Windlass as well, and I’m really excited about This Monstrous Thing! Hope you have an awesome month, it’s going to be hard not to, there are so many great books coming out:-)

  2. I love the format of this post, so handy! I have tried to sort my TBR pile into posts before and it just didn’t work for me. Maybe I can pinch this idea!

    So looking forward to getting into the Throne of Glass series! I just KNOW I’m going to breeze through them!

  3. I think 6 new book is pretty awesome, tbh. :D Ahh looking at the cover of Cinder makes me even more pumped for Winter! Not long now! I gave Daughter of Dusk 3 stars, too. I think I enjoyed the first book more.

  4. Jesus, Nikki.

    THIS MAKES ME HAPPY THAT THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE IS A FIVE STARS. I have yet to read it, but I’m 100% I will be rendered unintelligible (not that I’m not already ;D).

    I haven’t thought about what I need to read (need to get to Six of Crows + Patrick Ness), but your format makes me want to do something similar to remind me of all the books I need to read because looking at my bookshelf no longer does anything for me. Lollll.)

    • It was sooooo so good. My review will go up next week, most likely!

      It took me so long to figure out a TBR-list that works for me. I just make monthly lists based generally around what books are coming out the *next* month (that I have ARC’s of) and books I want to prioritize; and then I pick from those in whatever order I want to read them. It’s been working so well!

  5. I would suggest you yo pick up “Beastly Bones” on the next months if you enjoyed “Jackaby” for me this second volume was an improvement on the first one (even if the mystery is even more cray), “Ash & Bramble” was a DNF for me right on the first chapter, I think, it was just way too boring and I didn’t knew what the hell was going on. Also you should really, really, REALLY pick up “The Scorpion Rules” this month, it’s so so good! The first 30% was incredible slow and I thought I wasn’t going get emotional but them *things* happen and I was crying and my heart was broken because so much sad and hard choices and yeah, read it.

  6. Haha I can be such a slow reader sometimes because of how I am and because of time constraints that six looks like a totally fine number to me, especially when taking all the rereads into account as well.

    I also have A Madness So Discreet, A Thousand Nights, and on my September TBR and so excited for The Rose Society. Aaahhh.

  7. I read Reawakened that I really enjoyed! I DNFed Legacy of Kings… I just couldn’t… too many POVs that didn’t seem to move the plot forward and ended up offering information multiple times… Bleh!
    Tonight The Streets Are Ours I liked, but nothing like This Song Will Save Your Life, the end really improved the book for me, but it ended up being just a 3 stars… I didn’t connect with the main character.

    Best of luck with your September reads!

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