Tracking my TBR – March 2016

Last month: February 2016 | This month: March 2016

In Tracking my TBR, I look back on the prior month’s TBR progress; and, in this edition, I’m also featuring the books I’m currently reading, and a couple titles I’m most looking forward to picking up this month.

February was… ugh. So let’s jump right into it, shall we?


A Gathering of Shadows Final Bands of Mourning CaptivePrince PrincesGambit KingsRising

Five books last month! One re-read, Bands; new reads were A Gathering of Shadows and the Captive Prince trilogy (AGOS was 5 stars, obviously; CP trilogy were 2.5, 3.5, and then 4 stars respectively).

In all honesty, February was rough — that’s a massive understatement, but whatever. If you want to go back and look at what I had in my grab-bag for February, feel free, but I’m not going to do my “leftovers” section this month, because I literally only read one book from my grab-bag and listing all the others is just depressing.

I’m actually going to call it quits with the leftovers and grab-bag sections for a while. I’m feeling really guilt-ridden over not getting through many grab-bag books. Even though the point of the grab-bag is to allow lax guidelines, I still feel like I’ve failed if I don’t get through it (or many, or whatever). And I’ve been feeling really… not great about blogging lately, and part of that has come from having any kind of reading guidelines at all, so. Yeah. I just need to set these categories aside for now.

Instead, I’m going to list the books I’m currently reading, and TWO books that I’m really looking forward to reading in the upcoming month.


15791085 VisionInSilver WordsOfRadiance

I’m re-reading The Falconer so I can read The Vanishing Throne, but to be honest I’ve kind of stalled in it. I’m more excited about my re-read of Vision in Silver — or, more specifically, I’m more excited to finish Vision in Silver so I can read Marked in Flesh because SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIPPITY SHIP. SHIP. (If something doesn’t happen I will possibly damage my Kindle when I inevitably throw it across the room.)

I’m also re-reading Words of Radiance because re-reading Sanderson isn’t a choice, it’s a perpetual state of being. :P


MarkedInFlesh winners kiss

So yes, like I said, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to reading Marked in Flesh. Very much. And The Winner’s Kiss, too!!! I am so sad/excited that the Winner’s series is coming to an end, but it has been INCREDIBLY painfully AMAZING, and I just. So much excite.

What did you read in February?
What are you reading now?
What are you looking forward to this month???

TELL ME EVERYTHING in the comments!!

7 thoughts on “Tracking my TBR – March 2016

  1. I really want to read Anne Bishop’s series! I love urban fantasy. :)
    I only read 3 books in February and none were for review. However, it was still a good month with great reads I finally was able to get to. Right now I’m reading Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews, another urban fantasy series. I slacked on my blog as well for awhile due to moving, puppy, and no internet. I am pumped to get back on the wagon this month. :)
    Take care and happy reading!

  2. I keep seeing soooo much about the Captive Prince series. Doesn’t look like you loved the first two all that much…but would you recommend them? I loved AGOS of course. I hope you LOVE The Winner’s Kiss. It was so good. Let me know how the Bishop book is! I hope this month is WAY better for us both. February was so ick.

    • That series is… interesting. Did you check out my Goodreads writeups? (They’re linked in the post.) I’d say if you can get through the first one (which I flew through, it’s very short), you definitely need to continue. I had tons of issues with the first, but the next two (especially the last one) get REALLY good. (Also, disclaimer, they are VERY NOT YA. Very. Not. YA.)

  3. I’m JUST starting Bands of Mourning today and after that, AGoS is a likely contender! I still need to get started on that Anne Bishop series though^^ And I envy your WoR reread. I NEED to make time for rereads this year and that’s my favorite Sanderson series so YOU KNOW it’s going to happen :D Happy reading my friend! xx

  4. I plan to read AGOS next, and I hope I’ll enjoy it even more than ADSOM! I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Captive Prince, and while I’m sure the story is addictive, there are certain aspects of the story that makes me afraid to read it…

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