Tracking my TBR – January 2016

Last month: December 2015 | This month: January 2016

In Tracking my TBR, I look back on the prior month’s TBR progress — which books did I read? which books did I skip? — and feature the upcoming month’s TBR “grab-bag” (my version of a semi-scheduled TBR pile).

🎉 Happy New Year!!! 🎊

Okay, yes, I know it’s been 2016 for a couple days now, and this post is a little late, but I was on vacation, okay?! And one of my resolutions this year is to not stress about posting things when I “have” to, but when I want to. Thus the slightly “late” Tracking My TBR post. You don’t mind, do you? I didn’t think so. 😉

Seriously though, I really can’t believe it’s 2016. I’m actually very glad to say goodbye to 2015 — it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great for me either, so I’m really excited to start fresh this year. And that means starting fresh with a new TBR pile! But first, I’ll recap the books I read last month, my final reads of 2015…


Re-reads: Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages, The Alloy of Law
New Reads: Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, Their Fractured Light, First & Then, This Savage Song, Don’t Touch, Riders, Rebel of the Sands, The Radiant Road
Marked as DNF: Starflight, The Impostor Queen

Soooooo I guess my assumption that I wouldn’t read very much last month was a little off… 😁 I re-read four books, read one novella (Shadows for Silence), and read seven other full-length books! I took time off from blogging in the last couple weeks of December, but I’ll be trying to catch up on reviews for a few of these as soon as I can this month.

I adored Their Fractured Light (perfect ending to that series, omg). First & Then was pretty good (fun, light, short). This Savage Song was CRAZY AMAZING I CAN’T EVEN DEAL. Don’t Touch was a Christmas present and a spur-of-the-moment mood-read, which ended up being enjoyable but not amazing. Riders was overall very good, but it had some rough sections for me. Rebel of the Sands was SUPER fun (preorder this if you haven’t yet, it’s worth it). And my last read of 2015, The Radiant Road, was absolutely stunning. Lyrical and gorgeous and magic. It was wonderful.

I finally decided to officially DNF Starflight after struggling with it for a couple months. It was too predictable, and it seemed oddly young to me, so it didn’t work out. And The Impostor Queen… I’m really sad about that one. I was so excited for it, but I got about 30% of the way through and I just did. not. care. So I had to put it down. I’ve heard it picks up eventually, but… I really needed to say goodbye to that one. (It’s not you, it’s me.)

And then, of course, there were some books from my September grab-bag that I didn’t end up reading at all:


I decided to skip Thicker Than Water altogether (I was preapproved on NetGalley but never actually downloaded it), since from the reviews I read, I decided it probably wasn’t for me. Sword and Verse, I actually did try for a bit… but I couldn’t get into it. I’ll give it another try this month, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that one ends up a DNF. I got an eARC of The Love that Split the World from Penguin’s “First to Read” site, but the formatting is sort of awful, so I decided to skip it rather than give myself a headache on my iPad. The last three books, though, get to jump into this month’s TBR. ;)


I’m currently reading Tell the Wind and Fire, which is why that one is faded out a bit. It’s… a little frustrating, to be honest, but I’m gonna keep trying. I’ll probably read Into the Dim next, as I’m really in the mood for a book like that; but as for the rest, we’ll see! I hope to get through almost all of these this month, but it depends on my mood… I got a few books for Christmas that are calling to me, too, so I might end up reading some of those. 😜

What did you read in December?
What books are you most excited to read this month?

Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Tracking my TBR – January 2016

  1. Oh, I’m sorry The Impostor Queen didn’t worked out for you :/ Oh, well we will never like all of the books anyway, glad you didn’t suffer through something you weren’t enjoying. About your grab bad tittles I’m super looking forward to A Study on Charlotte, since it’s a sort of Sherlock retelling and I love all things Sherlock related and also heard amazing things about The Girl From Everywhere, hope you enjoy it too.

  2. AHHH SO SAD YOU DNFed The Imposter Queen…but we don’t always agree on fantasy so I still have hope.

    You have me SO excited for The Radiant Road. I should see if my library has it ordered.

    Omg text me your Tell the Wind and Fire frustration, I am super curious.

  3. Oh no, don’t tell me you’re not enjoying Tell the Wind and Fire??? I was looking forward to Sarah’s new book because I LOVED the Lynburn Legacy but I’m not really interested in her older series.

    I wasn’t sure about The Radiant Road but when you say it’s THAT good I’ll give it a try.

    • I remember LOVING the first book in the Lynburn series, but I still haven’t read the rest of them. I’m just having lots of problems with TTWAF — the writing, infodumping, tons of telling, I’m not feeling any emotion… *bangs head against wall* I’m gonna keep trying but it’s not looking great. D:

      The Radiant Road, however, was AMAZINGGGGGGG. I was iffy at first, but once I got into the rhythm of it, it was gorgeous. Highly recommend when you need a book to get lost in for a day or two. It reads like a dream.

  4. wow you read a lot of books this December! Go you! I definitely didn’t read that much! But this month I really need to pick up the pace, because I have made it my goal to read 100 books this year, which means I should be reading at least 8 books at month… yikes! I have heard great things about The Love That Split The World, so I hope you don’y delay it too long as I really want to see whether you enjoy it!

  5. Hopefully Tell the Wind and Fire starts getting better for you! So sorry you didn’t finish Starflight and The Imposter Queen; I loved Starflight and hear only the greatest things about the latter. However, I definitely will be preordering This Savage Song and Rebel of the Sands. :) I can’t wait for those two! (Also those Brandon Sanderson books look stunning omg)

  6. YAY for reading loads of books in December! I read quite a few of them but once again I mostly failed at keeping myself on track on the TBR pile I had selected for the month! I have three physical books that I set on the nightstand in my bedroom that are glaring at me and demanding to be read, so I think those three will be read this month!!

  7. I’m reading Sword and Verse at the moment and I can’t get into it at all. So I’ve put it down and picked up something else. No regrets. I’m SOOOO excited for Blackhearts! And you’ve just reminded me that I need to hurry up and finish my Mistborn reread so I can read the latest two books. I’m slacking! I also want to reread TWOK and the first half of WOR after I’ve read Warbreaker, so this year is gonna be packed with Sanderson XD

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