Tracking my TBR – February 2016

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In Tracking my TBR, I look back on the prior month’s TBR progress — which books did I read? which books did I skip? — and feature the upcoming month’s TBR “grab-bag” (my version of a semi-scheduled TBR pile).

One month down, eleven to go — and I kicked off 2016 with re-reads. A bunch of them. …Okay, fine, exclusively them. (Don’t judge me.)



Re-reads: The Way of Kings, Shadows of Self, Mistborn: Secret History*,
Warbreaker, Written in RedMurder of Crows
New Reads: None…

I didn’t even read that many books in January, and they were all re-reads. Every. Single. One. Work was crazy, so I think I chose the bookish equivalent of “comfort-food” last month. And this month might end up being the same… We shall see. 😖

(*No Goodreads link for Mistborn: Secret History, because there are major spoilers everywhere for this book. So, Mistborn-fans, don’t read any reviews, just go buy the ebook and then stay away until you’ve finished The Bands of Mourning, after which you may read M:SH. Okay? Cool.) (Also, ummm, if you’re someone who reads acknowledgements, you might see a familiar name there… 😱😱)



Basically everything in my January TBR is a leftover. I’m going to have to officially DNF Tell the Wind and Fire it’s really not working for me. I’ll probably do a quick DNF Q&A on the blog, eventually. I also started reading Into the Dim, but I haven’t finished it yet — it feels very predictable and I’m having a hard time staying interested. :( I’m probably going to skip Assassin’s Heart altogether, since people I trust have read that one and been underwhelmed. As for the rest…



…I’ve thrown them all into my grab-bag for this month. There are definitely more books here than I can read this month — I’m going to be taking it easy because work is going to possibly literally kill me in the next few weeks. But I’ll pick and choose based on which books are coming out soonest, and which I most desperately want to read. (AGOS I’M LOOKING AT YOU — you’re next. 😘😏😘)

What did you read in January?
Did you read any of the books that I skipped over?
Which books in my February TBR should I prioritize?

Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Tracking my TBR – February 2016

  1. I love ‘re reading its my favourite thing to do I must ‘re read at least every month. Brandon Sanderson is an author I have heard so much about but haven’t checked out. I must get on it.

  2. No judgement here. That’s a very Sanderson-centric month, which sounds pretty fantastic! *tries to avoid thinking about Mistborn: Secret History*

    February I’m sure will be another great month. I have AGOS. Revenge and the Wild, The Girl From Everywhere, and Blackhearts on my TBR as well. I just finished Into the Dim a few days ago and yes, it was predictable. Not bad, just not mysterious. I’m interested to see what you think of The Vanishing Throne. I can’t bring myself to read it yet.

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a month on comfort reading. I do the same fairly frequently and it looks like lots of other people do, too. Anyway, I’m SUPER EXCITED about AGOS and am about to start a re-read of ADSOM to prep for it.

  4. Sometimes rereading favorites is just the comfort you need! I get what you mean! I’m sorry work has been so crazyy I hope it will let up soon :( :(

    I really need to get to hero of ages and continue that series but for now I’m so happy you got me into the steelheart series :) I’m going to make it a priority to read ADSOM in Feb obviously to prepare for her event here! I know how much you loved it so I’m excited! Also — I finished The Vanishing Throne recently and I think you should prioritize that!! I LOVED IT. First book of the year that I truly loved, it was so good.

  5. I need to find more time to reread! I want to reread allllll the Branderson this year but TIME and stuff. Also, good call on skipping Assassin’s Heart. It wasn’t good. And Burning Glass didn’t live up to expectations either. THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE THOUGH <3

  6. I see I am not the only one that fell into the Cosmere lately! It’s a great and fun thing to do. I am definitely going to marathon the next two Mistborn and then Warbreaker. And then the Reckoners. Good old BSands ;) provides so many good reads.

    I keep seeing your love for the Anne Bishop series.. So I bought book one. I wasn’t the hugest fan of her dark shadows series but I have seen your serious feels and flails for this ner series. I found a copy for like $5 hardcover. I’ll be DMing you for sure.

    Otherwise, you and I are basically reading/have read the same books this month (with two biiiig exceptions….) I have definite feelings about These Vicious Masks, The Shadow Queen, Reign of Shadows… let me know what you think.

    AAAAH AGOS AND THE VANISHING THROOOONE. I am so happyjealous for you. I know you’ve just finished AGOS but this last month of waiting is just. killing. me.

    However… gives me time to reread ADSOM, no???

    Happy reading, Nikki!

  7. Oh, I hope you get to The Vanishing Throne is so painful and amazing and I loved and dark and did I already said painful because some parts are really painful to read.

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