Bookish/Blogging Goals of 2014

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Complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge »

This year I’ve pledged to read 100 books, which is the same number as I pledged for 2013. But I totally beat my goal last year, and I read my personal best of 133 books… So secretly, my goal is to beat that. Shhhh… ;)

Write Notes/Reviews Promptly »

I am the WORST when it comes to getting behind in my review-writing. This is just bad for everyone – it stresses me out, and it makes for vague and not-detailed reviews if I write it weeks after I’ve finished the book… It’s just not a good thing! So a couple months ago I really started to buckle down on writing something immediately after finishing every book, and it’s really helping. I just need to stick with it and get better about completely finishing and scheduling those reviews early, so I really don’t have to even think about tweaking them the day before.

Reach Out »

I want to be less timid about reaching out to other bloggers, whether via Twitter or commenting or whatever. (Shut up, I’m shy!) I also really want to make sure I reply to each and every thoughtful comment on TWBI, and return visits. Every visit and comment is so appreciated, you have no idea (or maybe you do). ♥

Start a New Feature »

I’ve been saying this a lot lately, and this year I really REALLY want to get my butt in gear and come up with a cool weekly or every-two-week feature. I’ve been playing around with a few ideas, and hopefully the next month or two will see one of those come to fruition… Fingers crossed!!

Don’t Stress the Schedule »

I can’t stress this (hah) enough — using Google calendar for my scheduling (book releases, reviews, and reading schedule) has helped me a LOT in getting organized and getting ahead on my reviews, and I want to continue that trend in 2014. But sometimes I feel like I don’t post enough reviews, which makes me want to schedule more, which makes me feel even more behind, and that’s just… not even a thing. At the end of the day, it’s my blog and I’m the only person who can determine whether I’m posting “enough”. I do want to have regular content and some kind of schedule for my reviews, but I also need to remember that blogging is my hobby. When it stops being fun and starts being stressful, I shouldn’t worry about rescheduling things here or there.

Leave Room for Breathers »

In the coming months, it’s going to be really easy to get trapped by too many review books. I’ve got my reading schedule planned out, and time blocked off for each book I’ve committed to… but what happens if I don’t schedule anything ELSE? I need to leave room for books that I don’t need to review, so I can let the review-brain rest for a little bit. “But all the ARCs are just so SHINY” is not a valid excuse. Plus this will give me more time to re-read, and also to pick up those “must-read” books that have been out for a while and are gathering dust on my TBR list. XP

Schedule TTT’s and WoW’s early »

Basically what it says on the tin. That way, I’m not stressed the night before! (Erm, hi, yes I am writing this TTT post just a couple hours before it’s supposed to be up… Whoops.)

Connect with Publishers »

I’m terrified of this goal. Why did I put this goal on here?? No but really, I’ve been blogging for 10 months now, and I think it’s probably nearing the time when I need to put my game face on and reach out to some publishers, make some contacts, and start thinking about requesting some paper ARCs. …….Or I can just sit over here with NetGalley and Edelweiss and never have to deal with a personal rejection email. That’s also a good plan.

Get Down to Business »

This is kind of random, but I really want to print some blogger business cards for There Were Books Involved. I’ve been thinking about trying to get more involved with author- and bookish events in general, which is a great way to meet fellow book bloggers, and it’d just be really fun to have a few business cards to give to people. I dunno, at least it sounds fun, lol.

Be Fearless »

This is sort of just a life-goal for 2014, really. Fearlessness in general. Blogging, life, work, taking risks… hopefully it’s a good year for it. ;)

 What are YOUR top ten goals this year, bookish, blogging, or otherwise?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

27 thoughts on “Bookish/Blogging Goals of 2014

  1. Great list! I actually started typing in little notes to my review posts last year because I realised I had a tendency of falling behind on my reviews (and then by the time I get to them, I forgot many of the stuff I wanted to talk about in the first place!)

    I’ve been book blogging for a few years now and I still don’t quite know how to go about connecting with publishers and such (though I am a bit better now compared to two years ago); it seems like this magical, mythical occurrence or something xP

  2. Reaching out is also on my list. I’m hoping to be more active in the blogging community. & it’s not on my list, but I get what you mean about writing reviews early. I used to be so good at writing something once I finished reading. However, when finals came around I got a bit lazy… I really need to get back to that. I think my reviews have been suffering also because of it.


  3. I see that a lot of people take notes for reviews, but I’ve never done that; I just wing it. I don’t know how to take notes for such a thing! I do think that if I scheduled a bunch of posts ahead of time, things could be ten times easier. We’ll see! Good luck!

  4. I don’t think it’s about being fearless, I think it’s about not letting your fears get in the way. (I think I’m paraphrasing Divergent, so don’t mind me.) I think connecting with publishing houses is on my internal goals list. Good luck with that!

  5. Your goals are brilliant. I keep thinking I need to reach out to publishers too, but I’m too scared. I’d definitely like to read more of what I want, than review copies. It would be nice to find a good balance between the two. I hope you achieve your goals!

  6. I swear we were made from the same pea pod! These are all the blogging goals I want to achieve too (and reasonings)!

    I try to review books right after I read them, but it has sort of not really worked out? It sucks because I want to get it out of the way, but I usually get think of what exactly I want to say. I have to let it stew a bit and then reread it a second time. I really need to schedule reviews early, but I’m never satisfied. I envy those who already have their reviews (and posts) scheduled and squared away.

    If you need any thoughts (or cheerful “you got this, I belieeeevveeee in you”) or need someone to confide to about this new feature, I am all ears. ;D

    I am the totally the same way with stressing out about schedule. Just last week, I started stressing out because I didn’t stick to my schedule (I was suppose to have written and posted my Wild Awake review on last Friday). It’s the absolute worst. I feel something needs to be up and when it doesn’t, major anxiety! We are so hard on ourselves. Let’s hope we are less stressed out when it comes to blogging!

    • We are way too similar, Cee! This is getting creepy!!!!!

      See, I’m the same way about writing a FULL review after I read. That’s why I take notes first, just a bulleted list of what I want to talk about, and maybe expound on a couple things if I feel the words coming. Then I let it sit, and come back to it, and I can flesh it out a lot faster and a lot more easily than I would’ve been able to if I HADN’T written the list, and also more easily than I would’ve if I’d just tried to write the full review right away.

      I am still trying to figure out if I want to come up with a new feature-feature (like the same theme every week), or just like, a weekly discussion. The problem is, I’m super awful at coming up with discussion ideas, and I’m also super awful at coming up with creative and unique feature ideas. Reviews are definitely my “comfort zone”, and that’s why I started TWBI, was to share them in my own space, but now I feel like I need more… =S

      YES THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. I stress about my own self-inflicted deadlines, too, when really, I’m the only one who even knows they exist. Who else cares? No one! :O Ugh we need to stop.

  7. I’m afraid of contacting publishers too! I feel like I won’t be able to live up to expectations or something :P

    And you should totally get business cards. I have some even though I don’t really get to meet a lot of book people. Haha! But they can go into giveaways or whatnot. And I think you have more opportunities to actually meet people. :P

    • Publishers are scary!! I’ve got no clue what their requirements/guidelines are, for when they actually accept blogger requests, so it’s like jumping off a cliff without knowing how far the drop will be! =S

      I’m definitely doing the business card thing. I’ve started playing around with a design already, it’s so much fun. XD I’ll have to do a giveaway after I get them, just to include one! haha!

  8. I always take notes while and after reading a book too. It really helpes writing reviews. I could even write a review about a book months after I read it because I sometimes write done notes in so many details :D
    On the other hand it means I got even more lazy when it comes to writing reviews. When I don’t feel like writing one I think “I can write it another day, I’ve got my notes…” and then weeks pass without me writing that review :D

    • You’re so organized! I can’t take notes while reading, it’s too distracting for me and pulls me out of the experience of the book. I can totally see how relying too much on early notes would spur more procrastination though… I’ll remember to look out for that!! ;)

      • It really is distracting but I’m always afraid that I will forget to many things about what I wanted to say about the book that I need to write them down right away. I sometimes even stop reading in the middle of a sentence to write something down :D

  9. This is such a great list–I have a lot of the same resolutions and goals. I love schedules, but I’m definitely going to ease up the need to schedule every little aspect of my blog this year, I hope. Sometimes impromptu is fun! I’ll always schedule reviews and features, but if there’s a discussion on my mind, well, it might just go up right away. And if I review an ARC a week after release date instead of a week before–so what? It’ll be okay.
    I also have a goal to start reaching out to publishers and such. I actually just sent my first email a few days ago. It was nerve wracking, but somehow I managed to hit send before I had a chance to take it all back.

    I schedule my TTT earlier and I highly recommend it! It’s so nice to just sit down for a good chunk of time and write handful of them up, and know that I have content going up every Tuesday for the next for weeks. It’s just really soothing and makes me more productive about filling in other content around those Tuesdays–reviews, discussions, features, etc.

  10. LOVE the “be fearless” goal I have to say. That’s definitely an overarching resolution for me this year although I haven’t written it down!

    I am also the ABSOLUTE WORST at reviewing things right away or at least taking some quick notes. I’m not often ahead but sometimes I read more books than I can get to reviewing and I just forget all the things I THOUGHT while reading it. It takes me way longer to write those reviews bc my brain won’t think and I get stressed/frustrated. I should have made this one of my goals too! You’d think after 3.5+ years I could get a handle on this.

    I say go for reaching out to pubs! It’s not so bad once you just do it! You’ve been blogging for a good amount of time that shows you are dedicated. You’d be surprised at how often you’ll get a yes. My advice is maybe start out with a title you want that maybe ISN’T one of the most coveted of the year? Sometimes I found that was a better strategy to getting an “in” than asking for the ones that everyone else is asking for! Back in my day (god I feel old) when I was just starting up and doing the pub requesting thing there was no EW/NG but dang I feel like I would have also never have requested bc it’s so much easier just to do the egalley thing because 1) instant gratification kind of and 2) an automated email is much less harsh.

    Good luck with all your goals! You have excellent ones! :)

    • Thanks you! It’s something I’ve been striving for a lot lately, and I thought maybe putting it down on paper (erm… online…) would help cement it in my head.

      I have the exact same problem with reading too many books in a row – and then you go to try and review a book you read 5 books ago, and it’s practically impossible! That’s where the notes help – even after reading a bunch more books, you can still remember the key points. Now if I can just stick to it… =S

      Thank you so much for the encouragement!! Yes, I feel like EW and NG have kind of spoiled me, because they’re so impersonal and it’s not really a big deal to get declined that way. But that is a really good idea about starting out with lesser-coveted titles. I will definitely keep that in mind as I start to contact pubs!


  11. Haha I didn’t peg you as shy! I always see you talking on twitter! :) I haven’t thought about contacting publishers but that would be really scary! Good luck to you though! I hope you get a feature idea up! I’m working on one as well!

  12. Great goals! I have some of these on my list too (reviewing promptly being a huge one). You are so ready to send out request emails to the publishers. You’re blog is wonderful –also I’ve never gotten a rejection email…if you are rejected you just don’t hear anything back! So it’s not so bad. plus, a lot of time you don’t hear anything but then a book shows up. You’ve really put in the work and time so I can’t imagine you’ll be refused. :-)

    • Awwww!! Your comment made my night, Kristen, thank you. <3 I think I'll probably take the leap soon... like possibly this week. Yikes! We'll see what happens... =S

  13. Great list! Reaching out to publishers is an ongoing goal of mine — I worked on it for a bit last year, made a couple of baby steps forward, but then haven’t focused on it again for a while. I like the idea of business cards if you’ll be attending book events! I think we ALL get trapped in the too-many-review-books rut, and I know I really need the breathing space too, to just read whatever I feel like and not worry about a schedule. Good luck with all of your goals!


  14. Awesome goals – I’m with you on leaving room for breathers and connecting with publishers. I started my blog just a couple months after you did (mine is 8 months old? something like that…) and I’ve kind of been wanting to request paper ARCs too. Let me know how your search goes – you can do it! :)

    Good luck with all your goals, but being fearless especially!

    – Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider Silk

  15. Oh lord, it is SO nerve-wracking reaching out to publishers! Luckily they came to me when I first started, but they only reach out to me regarding adult books. So lately I’ve been sending out emails to YA publishers to ask them to put me on their list. Some replied and some didn’t — it’s so hard to get one’s confidence up to do something so bold. But when they accept you, it’s a great feeling, so I encourage you to do it!
    All of your goals are attainable and we share many of the same 2014 resolutions. Here’s to a successful year and I look forward to seeing how all your goals pan out this year! :)

  16. I HAVE to take notes while I read, especially if a book is mediocre, i.e. not very memorable. Otherwise, my reviews would be impossible.

    I’ve just recently started requesting books from publishers, and I’ve had some success and some cases of being completely ignored. I would actually prefer a rejection to no response at all, because at least I would know that my email was received and read. Go for it!

    Business cards are a great idea. I got some made prior to BEA last year. Since then, I completely redesigned and renamed my blog, so those cards are now worthless. I’ll probably get some new ones made at some point, especially if I go to BEA this year.

    I’m also committed to “book breathers” this year. I have SO many purchased books that are unread, simply because I have too many ARCs to read, which is 100% my fault.

    I’m looking forward to your new feature(s)! Good luck!!

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

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