Let’s convert those YA skeptics!

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Top Ten Books I’d Recommend to YA Skeptics

This week I wanted to feature a list of books that I think would get YA-skeptics to take a second look at the genre. So often, people assume that YA is a lesser subset of “real books”, and I think this opinion could not be more wrong. So let’s get our facts straight. YA is just as vast and diverse, just as jam-packed with talented writers, just as worthy of discerning and devoted readers, as any other subset of literature. This list is my attempt to showcase some books that I think perfectly represent this fact, books that I loved personally, but also that I think would change the mind of those who aren’t sure if YA can be great. YA skeptics, this one’s for you:





Each of these books is a standout in its genre. Not just its YA genre, but its overarching genre. You’ve got sweet but poignant contemporaries in Amy & Roger and Anna and the French Kiss. You’ve got your more serious but incredibly uplifting This Song Will Save Your Life, and the deeply moving The Fault in Our Stars. You’ve got excellently-executed time travel in All Our Yesterdays, amazing high fantasy (tsarpunk!) in Shadow and Bone, and freaking awesome alternate-history WWI in Leviathan. Then there are the highly atmospheric paranormal/fantasies, The Archived and The Scorpio Races. And of course, one of my all-time favorite sci-fi series ever ever everUnder the Never Sky (this series pretty much encompasses everything I love in a good book in general).

What did YOU choose for your Top Ten topic this week?

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25 thoughts on “Let’s convert those YA skeptics!

  1. I still need to read some of these, especially 1, 8, 9, and 10! The good news is that I own them all, except for THE ARCHIVED. I have yet to read that series by Westerfeld, but I want to check it out!

  2. I love your list, and there’s a lot that I still have yet to read. I own a lot of them but still haven’t managed to read it yet. I love Anna and I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t, it’s one of those stories that you can just relate to at any age, but especially if you’re a teen.

  3. I like who you chose to make your list to, and I completely agree with your recommendations! I’ve read about half of those books and I have The Fault in Our Stars sitting next to me for when I get off the computer… :)

  4. Great list, love how you’ve set it out. Amy & Rogers Epic Detour, Anna and the French Kiss and The Fault in Our Stars are ones that I have read and loved myself. The others are all books I have on my TBR list and I am really desperate to read a lot of them. My TTT.

  5. I would completely agree with the ones I have read on this list. I just recently finished All Our Yesterdays and I think the world needs to read it, YA lover or not. Just fantastic reading.

    Great list.

    • Awwww, that’s ok! We all have our reading priorities, I’m definitely not one to judge! You should definitely check them out though, they are all stellar.

      And thank you so much!! I finally tweaked all the little things that were bothering me, haha. XD

  6. If I wasn’t following sci-fi theme for this month’s Top Ten Tuesday posts, I’d definitely have picked out most of these. Seriously, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour is fantastic (also, road trip!). This Song Will Save Your Life speaks to all of us. The Fault in Our Stars is good for an emotional ride (so many feels!) and All Our Yesterday is just wow, no words.

  7. I’m always a little reluctant to suggest a YA book to certain people, because I know they *think* YA is intended for younger readers than it actually is. But I KNOW there are certain YA books these people would love if they gave them a chance. Honestly, I might’ve been a lot more reluctant to initially start reading YA if I hadn’t been reading them in search for good ones for my son.

  8. *hangs head in shame* I have yet to read Anna and the French Kiss. I read Lola and the boy next door and loved it. I’m not sure why I keep putting of reading Anna. Your list is so perfect! I going to add This Song Will Change Your Life to my TBR.

  9. This is a great post! People are so skeptical about YA, and think it’s not as good literature, but it is! Some YA books are incredibly thought-provoking.
    I totally agree with TFioS, All Our Yesterdays and Shadow and Bone. Not sure about Under the Never Sky, I loved it, but found the beginning confusing. I’m not sure I’d give it to someone just delving into the genre. Scorpio Races and Anna and the French Kiss are books I been meaning to read for a while, though! Great list!

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