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Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

This topic was HARD. O_O Below are covers (all for series, actually) that I wish had been designed differently somehow. As a disclaimer, I want to make it clear that I really don’t hate any of the covers I’ve picked for this list (well… maybe one… but “hate” is a strong word). Anyway, I’ve tried to explain my reasoning for why I don’t like the covers, in case there are any fans of these covers who see my list and want to set me straight about how they’re actually awesome. *hides*


The Iron Fey ⇒ I love this series (despite being Team Puck all the way *cries*), but I am really not a fan of the close-up of a face as the main focus of a cover. I’d like to imagine the character for myself; and also, it tells me nothing about what the book is about. It’s a person. Okay, yeah, I assumed there’d be people in this book, but what else can you tell me?  …Also not a fan of the swirliness going on everywhere. It just seems random and cluttered to me. I would have loved covers that reflected the different fairy realms, maybe… Winter/Summer/Iron… I know there’s more than three books, but still. Something other than a person and random swirls please?

The Gone Series ⇒ Oohhhh, I get it, it’s a series about teen couples! (Except it’s totally not.) Can you tell how much of a fan I am of covers that only feature people? This series is awesome and it’s got seriously cool and honestly very disturbing but also VERY EXCITING stuff going on in it. I don’t need to see a cover that features characters I’m only going to picture differently than their cover-counterparts. Give me something else, pleeeease!


Alienated ⇒ I am super excited for this book. Like, REALLY EXCITED. But… ughhhh. You can keep the two “landscapes” or whatever, those are ok (despite their different colors not being terribly complementary together), but the skies??? The way they’re blended together in the middle is just so… ehhh. And the sky behind the top landscape doesn’t even make sense with the photo’s lighting. Is it supposed to be night? Then why is he so well-lit? It doesn’t look like a plausible horizon-view from that field he’s in… Gahhh. I just don’t like it.

All That Glows ⇒ Again, this is a book I’m REALLY looking forward to reading. But the cover is so… pink. Her hair is pink, the flowers are pink, the mist is pink, the letters are made up of what I think is a pink-tinted galaxy that fades into blue space around it. I just… It’s so much pink. I’m drowning. Also, hello person, I did assume this book would have people. What else can you tempt me with?


The Timber Wolves Series ⇒ I flipping adore this series, and I do love the art that’s the focus of the covers. For a self-published series, it’s pretty gorgeous. But the text??? =S The font does nothing for me; it’s so blocky and not really a part of the cover. It’s like, there’s the pretty art, and there’s the text, but the two don’t mesh. I wish they fit together better, because this series needs more fans, and (unfortunately) I think many people make judgments about self-published titles based on the covers. A cover that’s “good, but could be better” means that less people will pick it up, and this series deserves ALL THE LOVE, so that’s why I’d redesign it. (That being said, the cover for the 1st book in the Timber Wolves spinoff series is SO much better in this regard, imo. YAY.)

The Shades of London Series ⇒ This is one of my FAVORITE series ever, and these covers are, in my opinion, a huge step up from the original Name of the Star cover. That being said, I’m still not a huge fan. I don’t really like white covers in general, so I would’ve liked it if the background pictures extended to the edge all around, instead of having those portions covered in white so the text would stand out. If the picture took up the whole cover, the text could be white instead, or some other light color… I just don’t like the starkness.


The Art of Wishing DuologyThe Fourth Wish cover is probably my biggest cover-disappointment in a LONG time. The Art of Wishing is one of my all-time favorites, and I adore the original cover of that book (far left). It’s whimsical and light and there’s a guitar and it’s just sweet — which are all totally relevant to the content of the book. (YES! A cover that reflects the book!!) But then it was redesigned for paperback (far right). I don’t hate the redesign of this book, but what are those dots along the edge? Also the obvious huge height-difference between the girl and the guy… I don’t think that was a thing in the book (unless, was Margo short? I can’t remember), but on the cover it seems awkward. And the artsy highlights and stuff just look busy to me. =/ …And then we have The Fourth Wish. One of my most-anticipated books of 2014. *sigh* It… just… The pink! x_x I can’t even tell if the people are illustrated or what, they’re so heavily pinkified (yes that’s a word). It does not match the redesigned paperback of book 1 — it feels totally different, except for the font. Did I mention the PINK?? Aghhhhhh, it hurts my eyes. Just… *cries* I know I’m going to love this book, but it hurts that I can’t even bring myself to like the cover a little bit.


So, after all that, how are we feeling?! Honestly, this TTT topic was really draining, for me!

I just want to reiterate – I am a big fan of the books I listed here (or if they’re not out yet, I am really excited for them). As much as I may want to redesign them, I still picked them up (/or am really looking forward to them), and I still loved them. It hurts to be dissatisfied with covers of books you like!

However, I do think this TTT illustrates something incredibly important: It’s dangerous to judge a book by its cover! If you think a blurb sounds good, pick it up! Ignore what your pet peeves are telling you — “Oh, it’s another cover with a pretty face on it,” or, “That font looks weird,” or, “Jeez, even I could’ve photoshopped that better…” No matter what’s on the outside, the words inside are up to your imagination to visualize. That’s what makes books awesome.


What covers would YOU redesign?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#21)

    • I thought that at first, too. Still can’t believe it’s a Disney Hyperion release – and I would not be surprised to see a redesign for it at some point.

  1. Ooh, interesting list! I’ll admit, I didn’t originally love the covers to the Gone series, but over time I began to like them and see them as part of the book. They actually redesigned the entire series (not shown yet, but *cough*Edelweiss*cough*), and while they look cool (I also like the foreign cover that’s all black with the glowing word and all that), part of me doesn’t like it because I want the series to stay as they were, you know? Also, did I know you read the Gone series, and did you read them all?! Thanks for stopping by!

    • OMG I just found them on EW. *_* I’m in LOOOOOOVE. *wants them all immediately*

      I am not sure if you knew, lol, but I still haven’t read the last book!! D: D: D:

  2. I touched on the Gone series in my TTT as well. How are readers supposed to know about all the exciting things going on in this series when the covers are just disinterested teen models…

    And I wish the Shades of London series had a better cover set as well! So many interesting things could be done with a ghost story!

  3. I agree with the “face on the cover” dislike…it’s a pet hate of mine. Especially for the other version of The Madness Underneath. The girl on that one looked like she’d been bopped on the head with a blunt object…very spaced out!

  4. PLEASE NO FACES ON THE COVERS. It bugs me when covers have that because most of the time, it doesn’t portray the characters accurately and it does nothing except to show ‘hey, a pretty face!’

    The Alienated cover reminds me of that movie with Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess (Upside Down). I hate how it looks. It’s a really bad photoshop job.

    I totally agree with your comment. Don’t let the covers of certain books dissuade you from picking it up. I try not to let the covers bother me, but it does happens sometimes and that really sucks because I’m probably missing out on an awesome book.

  5. I hate it when a book you absolutely love just doesn’t have a great cover. You want it to succeed – and let’s face it, without a great cover so many people are just going to pass it by!

    My TTT

    PS. I really like your blog. I will be back ;)

  6. I agree–I’m not crazy about people on covers or faces. I like to have my imaginary character in my head and it’s distracting when you have a huge face that might not look like what I imagined. The Iron Fey series is beautiful (I’ve not read it yet though) but I can see why you would prefer something that wasn’t a big face. Great list and suggestions!

  7. I agree with your choices in this list. Some of them had good ideas and concepts but they just did not work or could’ve been something more. I like the covers for The Shades of London but yeah, I guess it’s all of the white that’s distracting me, coupled with the title being somewhat not legible.

    My TTT

  8. I totally agree on ALIENATED. There is something about that cover that just feels juvenile and, frankly, a bit haphazard. I wish there was a little less colour – something I never thought I’d say! Great picks this week!

    I’m your newest follower :)

  9. Some really great cover choices! We have really plain covers in the UK for Hunger and Gone – they are all black with just the title on them in luminous yellow or orange – much simpler. I really hated those covers when I saw them, didn’t match with the content of the book at all. Great picks. My TTT.

  10. The Alienated cover annoys me because the male MC doesn’t look like that at all and it’s actually really important for the story D: He’s completely whitewashed gah!

  11. I agree with SO many of these. I have not read the Iron Fey series PRECISELY because of those covers. They’re just so. . . juvenile looking to me, I guess? And yes to the Gone series covers. I actually stayed far away from those books because of the covers. I finally did buy Gone when it was one sale for like $3 and really enjoyed it, but the covers. . . ugh. And the first one is the most okay of them all, I think. They sort of get progressively worse, from what I remember, which is saying something. And I think the cover for Light is better than the middle ones. So, I hate all the covers, but the first and last are at least slightly better?

    The Alienated cover is so cheesy. I think I like the concept, but the way it went together just didn’t quite work out. And I HATE the title font! I actually sort of like the Shade of London covers, only because Maureen Johnson in particular does not seem to get great covers, sadly, and these are by far the best for her books that I’ve seen.

    I LOATHE the Art of Wishing re-design. I haven’t read the book, but I will NEVER pick it up with the second cover, so I’ll only be reading it with the original cover, please. You know what I see when I look at that cover with the red dots? Chicken pox. Dear publisher, your book has the gross chicken pox.

  12. I would have to disagree with what most of the comments say because I actually like when the cover has real people on it, so I really do like the Iron Fey covers. Though, I can see where you’re coming from with the Gone series because it doesn’t give any personality to what actually happens in the books. Also, I completely agree with what you said about The Art of Wishing covers! The hardback version is so good and describes the book really well. When I saw the cover to The Fourth Wish, it kind of shocked me, and not in a good way. The covers of books are really important and as much as I hate to admit it, I do judge books by their cover.

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