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Top Ten Sequels I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

This was seriously the easiest Top Ten Tuesday I’ve ever done. I thought it was going to be hard, but I decided to limit myself to books whose covers have been revealed already (pretty pictures!), which helped quite a bit. So without further ado, these are the sequels I am absolutely dyinggggggg to read:


1. WORLD AFTER ⇒ I will not be surprised if this one is on a lot of Top Ten lists this week. (If it’s not – what are you people doing with your lives?!?) I just reread Angelfall recently, so the feels are fresh and I am SO READY for World After. I cannot WAIT to see what comes next for Penryn and Raffe, because AHHH THAT ENDING.

2. UNHINGED ⇒ I seriously don’t even know what my feels are doing re: this book i mean Morpheus *ahem* I mean this book. I need him it. BADLY.

3. THE UNBOUND ⇒ Seriously, it’s my opinion that Victoria Schwab can do no wrong and everyone needs to go buy her books because ALL THE FEELS and I can’t even — seriously just give me more Guyliner Wes and Mac, okay? Okay.


4. CRESS ⇒ I love love love what Marissa Meyer is doing with this series of futuristic retellings, and if you haven’t read Cinder or Scarlet yet, you are seriously missing out. Cress is gonna rock so hard.

5. IGNITE ME ⇒ ALL THE WARNER FEELS. I will seriously die if my Warner-love isn’t adequately sated by this book.

6. THE SHADOW THRONE ⇒ Jennifer Nielsen’s Ascendance Trilogy is one of my favorite feel-good series ever, right up there with Percy Jackson. If you want a light read with cleverness, tons of heart, and awesome characters, pick this series up. You won’t regret it.

7. LET THE STORM BREAK ⇒ I have a soft spot for the Sky Fall series because Let the Sky Fall was actually the very first book I reviewed on this blog. :) That being said, it was GREAT, and I cannot WAIT to have more Vane and Audra (and SYLPHS!!!) in my life.


8. ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER ⇒ This one needs no explanation. I’m sure many of you are looking forward to this book as well: the conclusion of the marvelous Anna and the French Kiss series. I seriously cannot wait.

9. RUIN AND RISING ⇒ Soooo… I know I said I was going to limit this Top Ten to books whose covers have already been revealed, but… I just… I COULDN’T LEAVE THIS ONE OUT. I need more Alina and Mal (and okay yes the Darkling) in my life. …Really, just more tsarpunk in general. GET ON MY BOOKSHELF.

10. THE FOURTH WISH ⇒ This is the conclusion to the Art of Wishing duology (*cries*). The Art of Wishing is one of my favorite books of 2013, and I can’t wait for more Oliver and Margo!!


What sequels are YOU dying to get your hands on?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#20)

  1. I have CRESS and need more Wolf/Thorne/Kai (and I’d totally let you borrow it if it was mine), and I NEED to have IGNITE ME and ISLA in my hands. Also, I didn’t love SHADOW AND BONE and I’m eh about SIEGE AND STORM, but I’d really like to read RUIN AND RISING. Plus, you know, STURMHOND.

  2. You will probably yell at me when I tell you I have had Unhinged in my possession for about a month and haven’t read it yet. I’m dying to, but all the books, all the books! Definitely soon.

  3. HAHA yeah I wanted to include Ruin and Rising too but THAT ELUSIVE COVER! Haha! And I am so excited for both Ignite Me and Isla (secretly hoping for chapter 62’s every chapter of the first, and for lots and lots of Josh in the second). 2014 HAS to come sooner! And I need to get my hands on Scarlet, Angelfall and Let The Sky Fall so I can join in the love for these books. Ohh, and Victoria Schwab sounds like a great author! I need to check her works out :D Great list, Nikki~

  4. And you’ve made me roll over laughing again! Fabulous list, and if I may be so bold, World After is neck and neck with These Broken Stars for 2nd place on my “best books I’ve read of 2013” list. Oh, yeah. :D

  5. World After! I love Susan Ee so very much. If I meet her I will hug her and it will be very awkward but amazing. You don’t have to wait much longer since it comes out November 19. I have a giveaway for Unhinged on my site if you are interested. Your list is made of awesome. So many amazing books.

  6. Some really great books! This is full of series that I haven’t started yet, but am absolutely dying too. I honestly can’t wait till I get the chance to read Tahereh Mafi’s books, as well as Archived, Angelfall and the Lunar Chronicles. Luckily, I found Splintered at the library today so will finally be able to read that! My TTT.

  7. I want almost all the same books. The covers are so gorgeous on the series finales.
    I need to find a hardcover of Shatter Me with the eye.

    Ruin & Rising is way up on my list. My plan for Christmas is to use my book money to pre-order my tops for 2014. That way when they get delivered it will be like Christmas all over again.

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