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Top Ten Chilling/Creepiest-Looking Book Covers

So the official Top Ten for today was “Top Ten Scariest Looking Book Covers”, but I wanted to tweak the title for my own list because to me, something can be “scary”, but not chilling or creepy — and I always prefer the latter. So here are my favorite creepy/chilling book covers…


1. SOME QUIET PLACE ⇒ This cover is so GORGEOUS, but then you look closer and realize her leafy dress is disintegrating from the bottom up, she has no arms, and her eyes are also… kind of… gone… O_O I love it though. And I loved the book, too.

2. WHERE SILENCE GATHERS ⇒ Can’t wait for this book!! Less creepy than the first cover, but this one still gives me the shivers. It looks like the clouds are wrapped around her waist, trying to pull her into them or something.


3. MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN ⇒ Creepy kids are just a “HECK NO” for me in general, and the fact that she’s just kind of standing there all on her own looking kind of creepy is bad enough. But then you notice she’s FLOATING. Cool little kids with superpowers like the ability to fly are one thing, but not this creepy floating business. Nope.

4. HOLLOW CITY ⇒ This one is, if possible, even creepier than the first. I just… the hole through her stomach, and… I don’t even… I can’t handle creepy kids okay. and look at her eyes omg


5. THE REPLACEMENT ⇒ I really don’t think this needs explanation. Knives and sharp implements hanging over a baby carriage, creepy fog… Chilling.

6. DOROTHY MUST DIE ⇒ There’s something about seeing the iconic and innocent blue-checkered dress and bow, with the almost bloody-looking writing scrawled over it, that’s just really freaky to me. I love it, but still, freaky.


7. ASYLUM ⇒ This cover is seriously terrifying. I hate anything to do with haunted mental institutions (thanks, Supernatural!), and what with the font, and the dilapidated state of the walls, and the CREEPY HEAD THING, I just can’t handle this cover. Nope.

8. IMAGINARY GIRLS ⇒ This one of those covers that’s gorgeous, but also chilling. The sideways angle of the shot, the way her arms and legs are positioned, like she just stopped fighting a few seconds ago… and the red ribbon instead of any blood just makes it stand out all the more, I think.


9. IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS ⇒ The ghost, the goggles, her posture… super creepy.

10. DOLL BONES ⇒ My fear of creepy kids has got NOTHING on my fear of creepy dolls. I can’t even look at that cover for too long or I start to freak out. Why did I put it in this post, again??? D:


Which book covers freak YOU out the most?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#19)

  1. Ransom Rigg’s book covers give me nightmares. Creepy children on covers? Yeah, no thank you. I did not realize that little girl was hovering over the ground. Like WTF! I would never want to have a tea party with them. ;D

    I’m actually reading In the Shadow of Blackbirds for a Halloween review and gahhhh, I am totally freaked out. NO THANK YOU to ghosts in pictures. *hides under covers*

  2. What I like is that these covers are creepy and spooky but preeeeeetty. They’ve kind of got that deliciously creepy thing going on. And have you seen the cover for Yovanoff’s latest? WANT. Great list!

  3. I have yet to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children but this is most definitely one of the most creepy covers. And I’m not the one to get spooked easily. It just sits on my shelf and I can’t seem to pick it up ’cause I have hopes for it and I REALLY don’t want to get disappointed.

  4. Wow what a creepy list! I don’t know if you noticed this or not, but all of your covers except one have children/women on them. I think it makes a cover a bit scarier if there is an innocent child on the cover.

  5. Holy cow, I never realized that that girl’s eyes are missing from the Some Quiet Place cover. That seriously ups the creepiness factor!

    I agree, those Miss Peregrine covers are totally creepy.

    I’ve seen The Replacements on a lot of lists this week. I agree, that is one ominious cover. Oh, and Doll Bones! Seriously creepy. I read the book (and loved it!) and it isn’t realyl as creepy or scary as the cover would suggest.

  6. Great list! I love the Sutton covers. So beautiful with that extra bit of creepy thrown in. That’s probably one of my fave type of covers. Miss Peregrine covers are so creepy. What is it about little girls in dresses that can creep us out? hahah, I love your comments for each cover. You nail it 100%. I have to be honest…I always thought Some Quiet Place girl had her arms behind her. Yeeps. How did I not notice her arms are missing?

  7. All the covers you included that I was familiar with have always creeped me out! And now you have given me some new covers to be creeped out by too, ha ha!

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