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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and features weekly top-ten lists! This week it’s…

Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders

Upon going through my Goodreads shelves for this Top Ten, it turns out I haven’t finished as many series as I thought I had. >_< Actually, a lot of my current favorite series are still ongoing — The Raven Cycle, Under the Never Sky (if I’d read my ARC I might be able to include this, but alas…), The Grisha trilogy, Shades of London… I could go on. Anyway, that made this Top Ten a lot harder than it needed to be, lol. But I’ve managed to come up with 10 series-enders that I either liked or didn’t – my Top Six Best Series Enders, and Top Four Worst Series Enders.

Note: All linked titles actually lead to the series page rather than the title-specific page – there are spoilers in series-ender blurbs! :O

—— Top Six Best Series Enders ——


1. THE HERO OF AGES ⇒ I’ve definitely featured the first book in a few Top Ten lists, and have tried to stop because I do it so often – but this list is about Series Enders, and the ending of the Mistborn trilogy is CRAZY GOOD. It’s got action, romance, intrigue, FEELS, the usual incredible world-building Sanderson brings to the table, seriously ALL OF THE FEELS, and the culmination of more fantastic character-arcs than I can even begin to describe. The first book made me an instant fan of the series (and is probably my favorite of the trilogy), but this conclusion is why the series is my favorite of all time. Mind-blowing.

2. GOLIATH ⇒ STEAMPUNK ALTERNATE-HISTORY WWI. So much about this book is just perfection, and I felt like it concluded the series perfectly – but more than that, it made my list because Alek and Deryn are so frickin’ adorable and the ending is just… UGH. No spoilers but I LOVED IT. Loved it.

3. THE LAST OLYMPIAN ⇒ Even though there is a spinoff series, this book concluded the original series, and it did so perfectly. I just love Percy Jackson, okay? End of story.


4. FATE SUCCUMBS ⇒ This is one of my all-time favorite YA paranormal trilogies. If I could force fans of YA PNR to read this trilogy, I would. It’s just so good – kick-ass main character, truly awesome “minor” characters (seriously though, there are no minor characters here – every character is nuanced and complex and amazing), and if you go into it expecting to read a plot/romance you’ve seen before, think again. You can check out my reviews for each book here, but suffice it to say that this trilogy (and its finale) are just freaking awesome.

5. FIRST LORD’S FURY ⇒ The Codex Alera is a high fantasy series by one of my favorite authors – Jim Butcher — who “normally” writes another of my favorite series (which hasn’t concluded yet), The Dresden Files. Though this is a departure from his norm of Urban Fantasy (and was actually written on a dare!), the entire series is fantastic – if you like YA high fantasy, give this a shot – it’s a little more mature, but the main character starts the series as a young adult and grows up as the series progresses, and I think it would definitely appeal to many fans of YA. This final book is completely epic, and ties up everything exceptionally well. I loved it.

6. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS ⇒ I really don’t think words are necessary. The end of an era.

—— Top Four Worst Series Enders ——


7. MOCKINGJAY ⇒ RIP MY HEART OUT AND STOMP ALL OVER IT, WHY DON’T YOU. I wanted to include this Series Ender in my list, but there was no way it was going in my ‘best’ category, so I had to put it here by default. It’s not a least-favorite, it’s just… ow. It was an emotional roller-coaster – one that goes constantly downhill, and crashes in a fiery ball of flames at the bottom. I love this entire trilogy, don’t get me wrong, but… my heart! I don’t get happy feels when I think about this book and how it wrapped up the trilogy, so that’s why it had to go in the ‘worst’ category. It’s not actually a terrible Series-Ender, it’s just… it’s just… ow. =S

8. THE SERPENT’S SHADOW ⇒ Yep, Riordan made it into the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ lists. I was really disappointed in this Egyptian-mythology series overall, but the ending cinched it for me. I didn’t find it exciting, I didn’t like the characters, and the resolution of the love-triangle was just REALLY WEIRD and I didn’t like it at all. Sorry, Rick…

9. SHADES OF EARTH ⇒ I looooooved the first book in this series, thought the second was pretty good, and was so ready for this to be the epic conclusion I was waiting for. Alas, I found it super predictable, not at all exciting, and overall really annoying, especially because it actually made me dislike the main couple. WHYYYYYY???

10. THE DEATH CURE ⇒ I love love loved The Maze Runner, but just thought the second book was okay. The Death Cure was supposed to give me satisfying answers to all of the mysteries of the first two books, and I hated pretty much every answer we got. I was expecting so much more, but everything ended up being really boring (to me) in the end. Sorry, fans… I’m still excited for the TMR movie, though. (Dylan O’Brien, yesssss!)


What are YOUR favorite/least favorite Series Enders?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#18)

  1. We agree about The Death Cure and Mockingjay. In fact, I think everyone has Mockingjay on their list. think we can talk her into rewriting that book?

  2. I thought Mockingjay might be on a few people’s worst list. I fall somewhere in the middle with that book. I don’t think it was brilliant, but I didn’t hate it. Aside from the epilogue, Harry Potter was perfect for me. Great list!

  3. I too didn’t really like how Mockingjay took that series.

    And I really need to read the Percy Jackson books. I saw Sea of Monsters last week and thought it was brilliant. So now I really really need to go and read the books!

    • Yeah – I guess I understood why things went the way they did in Mockingjay, it just totally crushed my heart to pieces.

      AND OMG yes. I only saw the first movie (which totally sucked in comparison to the book), so if you liked the second movie, you should DEFINITELY read the books ASAP. I can guarantee that they are SO much better. (And they’re super quick reads that won’t take much of a chunk out of your reading schedule, if you’re one who worries about that sort of thing like I am, lol.)

  4. I actually put Mockingjay on my best list. I was ok with the ending of that series, I must be in the minority. Though there are parts that could have been done better..

    My TTT

    • Oh I am ok with the ending – it just totally destroyed me. I should’ve had a category just for Mockingjay… maybe “worst of the best”? Or maybe just “too many feels to categorize properly”, lol.

  5. Yes! I actually had a bit of a hard time putting together my list because I’ve yet to finish reading so many series! I’ve seen SHADES OF EARTH on a bunch of these today (it’s on my TBR). So sad.

  6. *whistles* I’ve only read one of these! MOCKINGJAY! And while I don’t know that I LOVED the ending, I didn’t dislike it. Actually, I think I liked it better reading it a second time. Great list!

    • I have SUCH conflicted feelings about Mockingjay! Actually no – I just have a LOT of feelings, mostly of the “it destroyed me” type. It probably doesn’t belong in my “worst” list, just an “ALL OF THE FEELS” list. ;)

  7. I love Percy so much, too. I still haven’t read the Heroes series, though. I really need to make time for that. And totally agree with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I still remember how I felt when I began the series at 16, and when I finished it at 24 (in 2007).

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