Top Ten Tuesday (#13)

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and features weekly top-ten lists! This week it’s…

Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013

Some of these books are new-this-year releases, and some of them are older. ALL of them are ones that I would highly recommend picking up ASAP! :D

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All book covers link to my review unless I didn’t post one here, in which case it links to Goodreads. ;)

Have you read any of these books? Are they on your TBR list?

Let me know in the comments, and leave a link to your Top Ten post! I’d love to stop by!

And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out my Review + Giveaway of Demitria Lunetta’s In the After! Even though it didn’t make my Top Ten today, I definitely still recommend it. Check it out if you like post-apocalyptic dystopians!


46 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#13)

    • I know absolutely nothing about Russian history, but I was absolutely blown away with the world in Shadow and Bone. It was really awesome, I hope you like it when you get to it! (Because you’ve GOT to get to it soon!! so good, lol). ;)

  1. The 5th Wave is on my list, too! I loved it – Yancey did a really good job with making aliens creepy. Unraveling was also pretty good. I still need to read The False Prince! Nice list.

    • I’m not normally a zombie-fan either, but Warm Bodies was just beautiful. It think it’ll always be a favorite of mine. I hope you read The Archived soon, it’s soooo good!

  2. Anna and the French Kiss is actually the only one from your list that I’ve read… BUT it’s one of my all time favorites and I’m SO happy to see it on your list!! Etienne St. Clair is amazing.

  3. Yay! First on the list – way to go :-). I love your list – Enders Game was awesome, and Shadow and Bone, Unraveling, and Fifth Waves are all coming up on my TBR (Two of which you put on my radar – thanks!).

  4. I also have Unraveling on my list, I love that book =D I’ve read Anna a while ago and also loved it, one of the best contemporary YA I’ve read. I heard many good things about The 5 Wave, I think I need to read it.
    Great list!

    • I could NOT agree more. I have no idea why more people haven’t read it. It may be short but it’s SO great. And the sequel is awesome, too. Can’t wait for book 3!

  5. I read Ender’s Game for the first time this year! It didn’t make my TTT but I thought it was good for the most part. I found it a little difficult to reconcile some of the dialogue with children though, even child geniuses. I’m looking forward to the movie though.
    5th wave is on my TBR!

  6. Anna was on my list too! Of course it was my 5th time reading it, but still. Such a perfect book. I’m itching to go again with it. :-)

    I have to move The 5th Wave and Unraveling up on my TBR list.

  7. The only one of these books that I’ve read is Anna and the French Kiss, and I just thought it was okay. Several of the others are on my TBR list (The Archived, The 5th Wave [which is waiting for me at the library right now!], Warm Bodies, Unraveling, and Shadow and Bone), so it’s great to hear that they were good! Here’s my TTT

  8. This is my first stop on Top Ten Tuesday this week and I know that I will be haunted by The Fifth Wave! Ah! I am still on reserve at the library but I may have to buy it!
    Great site!

    • Ahhh, you should totally just go buy it! Don’t wait! lol. I’m biased though. It’s definitely in my top 3 books this year, so I’m telling EVERYONE to read it. But it really is absolutely fantastic. ;)

  9. Awesome list! I loved Anna and The French Kiss so much, such a great contemporary read. The 5th Wave is still on my TBR pile but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it so I may have to move it up.

    My TTT with a twist!

    Annoushka @ Annoushka Reads

  10. I adored The Art of Wishing! I was actually really surprised by how much I truly enjoy a book about genie’s.

    Shadow & Bone is actually my favorite book I’ve read so far this year hands down! It even made my TTT list this week. I’m such a sucker for an unexpected and amazing plot twist!

    Sadly I haven’t gotten a chance to read Warm Bodies, The Archived or The 5th Wave even though their all sitting on my shelves judging me. And I won a copy of Unbreakable so I guess I better hurry up and grab a copy of Unraveling.

    -Octavia of Read. Sleep. Repeat.

    • YAY!! I’m ridiculously happy that you liked The Art of Wishing, lol. It was just so sweet!

      Shadow and Bone is just… in a class of its own, to be honest. Siege and Storm, too.

      AGH, you NEED to read those!! I think you’ll especially like Unraveling/Unbreakable and The Archived. :D

  11. I love Anna. Such a good book. I seriously need to read The Archived. I’ve heard so many good things. I’ve read Ender’s Game, but it has been years. I think I’ll need to do a re-read before the movie comes out. Great list!
    Natflix&Books’ TTT

  12. I’ve only read Anna and the French Kiss, but damn that book is amazing! I read it last year, and now am a total Stephanie Perkins fans. I really want to read Unraveling, Shadow and Bone and The Madness Underneath. So glad to hear they are some of your favorites.

  13. ANNA & TFK! S&B! ENDER’S GAME (you just reminded me that I need to reread that soon – so thanks)!

    Such awesome choices! I’ve got The 5th Wave in my TBR pile :)

    Great top ten!

  14. The Runaway King was on my list. I read The False Prince last year and loved it. Didn’t like the 5th Wave as much as the Monstrumologist series. I think part of me is waiting for the last book in that series to come out, and rather impatiently at that. And the Maureen Johnson… I listen to those over and over I love them so much. Happy reading. :-D

  15. Shadow and Bone was one of my favorite reads last year! I really need to read Siege and Storm. I bought it, but haven’t read it yet…

    And I have The 5th Wave from the library right now so I’ll be reading that one soon.

  16. Oooh, Ender’s Game! Have you seen the trailer yet? Love, love, love that book. Thanks for some refreshing new reads, too! A bunch I haven’t seen, although I think Meg @ Mad But Magic is reading Shadow and Bone.

    Fabulous list!!

    Sam @ Mad But Magic

    • Seen and LOVED the trailer, omg. I can’t wait for the movie.

      And I think EVERYONE should read Shadow and Bone, lol, so I hope Meg is enjoying it!

  17. THE ARCHIVED is the only book on your list that I’ve already read, and I loved it! And I believe every last one of the books on your list is already on my TBR shelf in Goodreads. :-) Check out my TTT!

  18. I won a copy of THE ARCHIVE that should be in the mail, here soon! I can’t wait to read it! It sounds like such a unique premise. I’ll have to hunt down your review and see what you thought :) I also have both books in the Shades of London series that I really need to actually read. I don’t know why I haven’t read them yet. The seem so good! Also, THE 5TH WAVE. I need to go buy that one, too. It was on my mental Waiting on Wednesday list for months.

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