Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR

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Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR

IS IT SERIOUSLY FALL ALREADY?!?! 😱 Where did summer go?! How did this happen?! 🍂🍃 *sigh* I do adore the fall season, but time just seems to be flying by lately, and I don’t want to let it go. Anyway — bring on the falling leaves and rain and blankets and cozy fires, because if that’s not perfect reading weather, I don’t know what is.

These are the top ten books on my fall TBR! Some come out this fall, some are ARC’s… there’s a nice mix here, and I’m so excited to read all of these!


I cannot wait to jump into this! There hasn’t been much promo for it that I’ve seen, but whatever. My excitement is undiminished.


NEW. MISTBORN. NOVEL. 😍 I still have to finish rereading Hero of Ages and Alloy of Law, and then I can jump into this as close to release as possible!

sword of summer

NEW RICK RIORDAN YOU GUYS I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH THIS. Also, all these top three books come out on October 6. This is INSANITY.


This is a standalone, timey-wimey, YA romance. It sounds SO good!


I think everyone is looking forward to reading this book. SO MUCH EXCITE.


This is an upcoming YA fantasy that just sounds AMAZING.


SNOW WHITE RETELLING AHHHHHH I can’t wait to start this one.


This is the sequel to the (adult, not YA) portal fantasy Child of a Hidden Sea, which I loved.


I cannot express my excitement for this book nope impossible can’t do it SO SO SO EXCITE.


This is a standalone that basically sounds like a YA Firefly and I am soooooo on board.


What’s on YOUR fall TBR? Do we have any overlaps?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

36 thoughts on “Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR

  1. I think we’re alllllll waiting for Winter! I’m so excited to see all the characters coming together and also Winter herself! Her chapters at the end of Cress were eeeeverything and I just need a book about her!

  2. I LOVE FALL IT’S MY FAVORITE. And yes, rain and cold and snuggly blankets are the best environment for reading books <3

    UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN is on my fall TBR as well! I think I'm the ONLY person not excited for WINTER because I haven't read the series yet… woops?

    So excited to see what you think of these, Nikki!

  3. I really need to get to A Child of a Hidden Sea. I loved Indigo Springs (one of the author’s other books). Sword and Verse has such a pretty cover. Super excited about Winter and The Sword of Summer as well.

  4. Sword and Verse was one of my most anticipated Winter 2016 titles from Harper, but I was so disappointed. ;( Super pumped about Winter, though! Can’t believe how many pages it is! :O

  5. I will be binge-reading the series just in time for THEIR FRACTURED LIGHT. I’m soo excited. It’s finally an excuse for me to read these books everyone’s been raving about. They’ve been on my shelf, but other TBR piles have just gotten in the way. NO LONGER.

    I’ll also be reading the Cinder series from the start again in prep for WINTER. I read Cinder when it first came out and LOVED it, but haven’t read any further than that!

  6. Some of these I haven’t heard of but feel I need to check out! Especially Until We Meet Again! And Winter! That’ll be top of my winter (ha ha) TBR list for sure.

  7. I haven’t read a Rainbow Rowell Book but I really want too so bad. I have to admit I haven’t read any of Melissa Meyers books :( Melissa Landers I love. I love her Alienated Series and can’t wait to read something else from her.

    • This is what I’m saying!!! People don’t even know it’s coming out! AHHH! I know it’s sort of a weird niche-type book where mostly only fans will probably read it, but I still think it should be getting more promo! =/

  8. I was pretty much nodding to myself going yes, yes, YES throughout your picks^^ Magnus Chase? Yes. Carry On? Yes. Winter? Yes. Shadows of Self? HELL YES! I still need to freaking read These Broken Stars though, like OMG what even?! My copy glares at me every time I walk by it -.- Anyways, awesome picks lady and happy reading xx

  9. I totally forgot to put the new Rick Riordan book on my list, what a mistake! Also this list totally reminded me of Starflight, I’ve been eyeing this one for ages because of the marketing saying it’s YA firefly and anything firefly is an automatic yes for me.

  10. WINTER YESSSSSSS. Also so excited about Until We Meet Again and THE SHADOW QUEEN! A little jells you’ll be reading it, I’m not gonna lie. :p I’ve heard it’s amazing, and it sounds just fantastic. Also excited about Their Fractured Light and Sword & Verse as well (haven’t heard much about this so I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think of it). Happy reading, Nikki! :)

  11. I’m so glad that I won’t have had the years long wait for Winter like everyone else has had! :) (PS I’m on the Cress audio now!)

    I want to read These Broken stars series before Amie’s tour stop here buuut I’ll see if I end up getting to it in time! Sword and Verse and the Shadow Queen sound amaazing too, I can’t wait!

  12. Thanks for the recommendations! There is nothing I enjoy more than fall reading. I want books that I can snuggle up by the fire with and I have added quite a few of these to my TBR list. I recently finished a fantastic book by author Scott Wilbanks entitled “The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster” ( . Annie finds a mysterious mailbox in her backyard that contains a letter addressed to her from a schoolmarm in the 1800s. Annie lives in modern day San Francisco and yet seems to have a direct connection to 19th century Kansas through the backdoor of her house! This book has mystery, time travel, romance, and truly lovable characters. It should definitely be added to your must read list this fall! Happy Reading!

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