This Is Not A Post About Books (…whoops?)

This Is Actually A Post About Anime (Whee!)

Happy New Year, all!!! Did you miss me?

I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything on this blog in forever. My last review was posted on July 5, but I know things have been slow on the blog for much longer than that. *sigh* I’m sorry I’m not providing regular reviews anymore. But I realized, sometime during the past few months, that I’m just sort of… done… trying to regularly review books. At least for the time being.

The truth is, I’ve been feeling kind of burnt out, not only on reviewing, but on reading in general (apparently that’s a thing???). It’s a feeling that’s been creeping up on me since around June, I think, but it really came on strong the past few months. I binged New Adult books for a while, which became my happy place (seriously, I read ~40 New Adult books in a row during July/August). They were quick to read, and light and fun for the most part, which made them perfect for my burnt-out self.

After that, though, not even New Adult could keep me glued to a page. September/October were very light reading months — and I actually haven’t finished reading a book (just for fun, that is) since October 28. That book was the novella Superior (which was super fun and you should totally read it). But then… well. Something pretty great happened.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know how in love I am with the anime Yuri!!! On Ice. I discovered YOI in late October/early November, and it was one of the greatest things to happen to my 2016. YOI is the first anime I’ve ever really gotten into, and since then, I’ve been devouring pretty much all the anime I can get my hands on. It’s been wonderful. The anime train hit me just as I started to consciously realize how burnt out I was on reading, and honestly? I am super grateful that it did, because it’s brought me so much joy lately.

I’ve been having an absolute blast researching different animes to watch, getting recs from people, chatting with other fans, and generally discovering this new (well, new-to-me) form of storytelling that I didn’t know I needed in my life. I recently realized that I haven’t been this excited about something since I discovered that YA books were A Thing. It’s a really, really wonderful feeling. 

SO! All that to say — I obviously need to write a post about my new obsession. A post on my blog. My book blog. …Shut up, I do what I want. ;) I’m going to do short little writeups for the anime series I’ve completed so far, and then probably just list all the others that I’m currently watching (or have at least tried/started watching). Where possible, I will link to the anime’s page on Crunchyroll, where you can watch a whole ton of anime series for free (yes, free! and legally! Crunchyroll is the best). The ones that aren’t on Crunchyroll are available on Hulu, and I’ll provide links to those too.

So, without further ado…

Here’s what I’ve watched over the past two months!


Yuri!!! on Ice  |  Sword Art Online  |  Haikyu!!

Yuri!!! on Ice1 season (so far) / 12 eps — The anime that started it all! :D This show is ACTUALLY FLAWLESS, you guys. There is just… too much to love. If you’ve heard anything about YOI, you’ve probably heard about the ship, which IS spectacular. But one of the other main reasons I love this show is for its genuine and thoughtful portrayal of a character with anxiety, who grows so much and yet remains himself through it all. That portrayal means a lot to me, personally. ♥ Anyway, YOI focuses on Yuri Katsuki, who’s the top figure skater in Japan. Except he did really badly in a string of competitions and has decided to take a bit of a break — but then his skating idol, Victor Nikiforov, shows up in his town to be his coach. Yuri and Victor are the main characters, and they are so fantastic, but honestly every other character is also wonderful (except the ones who are fun to hate — shout-out to Chris and JJ!). This anime is just great on so many levels, and if you enjoy wonderful things, you should watch it.

Sword Art Online2 seasons / 49 eps — This one is pretty good. It’s about a virtual reality game set in a fantasy world, and the players all get trapped there. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but… if you die in the game, you die in real life. O_O SAO was the first anime I ever watched all the way through, thanks to bingeing it in its entirety before YOI S1 was done airing. The first half of the first season (which is the first story arc) was REALLY REALLY GOOD; the second half, I did not like; and the second season was sort of hit or miss — some eps were really good, some were meh. I’m still a superfan of the first arc, so I’d recommend that for sure; but if you watch it, go into it knowing that the rest… will not be as good.

Haikyu!!3 seasons (so far) / 60 epsHaikyu!! is currently tied with Yuri!!! on Ice for the title of my favorite anime. THIS SHOW IS EVERYTHING. If you watch anything from this post other than YOI, watch Haikyu. I’m obsessed. I’ve watched the first two seasons twice already, and I’m gearing up for another rewatch soon (I actually also just bought the manga that this anime is based on. I am in too deep, send help.) I love love love these volleyball nerds with the fire of a thousand suns, they are SO PRECIOUS TO ME I can’t even handle it. The friendships in this show are just amazing to watch grow and develop. Like YOI, Haikyu has an incredible, large cast of characters — if anything, Haikyu!! handles its large cast even better than YOI, but that might just be the product of its having more episodes out than YOI does, so far. There is something to love and adore about literally every single character (except Oikawa, he is pure evil — lol kidding, just seeing if Sydney is paying attention :P). Please, please, please watch this anime.

Ouran High School Host Club  |  Fruits Basket  |  Days


Ouran High School Host Club1 season / 26 eps — (I watched this one on Hulu.) This is possibly the… oddest anime of the bunch, lol. It’s really silly and a bit ridiculous but it’s also super self-aware (the characters talk about the show itself, and themselves as characters in the show) and the humor was right up my alley most of the time. Also the main character is a girl pretending to be a boy, which is a trope I will never not adore. And THE SHIP IS SUPER CUTE so obviously that’s a plus. If you like shows that laugh at themselves, but also have a lot of unexpected heart, watch this.

Fruits Basket1 season / 26 eps — (Available on Hulu.) I am SORT OF UPSET ABOUT THIS ONE because the anime did NOT resolve things adequately in the last episode (I have a feeling I need to read the manga…), but overall, Fruits Basket was really sweet and entertaining and funny (though some characters were fairly dark, which surprised me but I liked it; I’m a fan of painful emotions in fiction okay leave me alone). I think I shipped the wrong couple though, so I’m halfway sort of not wanting to read the manga and just stay in my happy “these characters were totally endgame, la la la I can’t hear you, canon” place.

Days1 season (so far) / 24 eps — This one is SUPER PRECIOUS TO ME. The main character, Tsukushi, is just… a little ball of unstoppable sunshine. I love him to bits and pieces. He gets in wayyyyy over his head when he befriends a guy on his school’s soccer team and then decides to join himself (he’s never ever played before), but this little guy is just… you can’t knock him down. Would highly recommend.

Free!  |  Poco’s Udon World  |  Yowamushi Pedal

Free!2 seasons / 25 eps — This was an anime I found during my quest to find shows that were similar to YOI or Haikyu. It is similar, on the surface, but it didn’t have quite the emotional “pull” as my faves. It’s about a high school swim club, and deals with new, old, and lost friendships. It’s good, and the seasons (there are only 2) are short, so it’s a quick watch. Would recommend!

Poco’s Udon World1 season (so far) / 12 eps — This anime… Oh man, you guys. This anime packs a punch. It’s beyond cute, but it’s also full of emotions that I just… alsdfadf. I adore. The main character, Souta, has returned to his hometown in the country in order to clean up and sell his family’s old house and udon restaurant, which his father used to run. Souta befriends a little boy, who turns out to be a tanuki (a little fox-like shapeshifter). This anime is all about family — found, friends, and actual relations — and it is… really beautiful. Also, did I mention, super. freaking. cute. I highly, highly recommend this. Please watch it and then come cry with me over its cuteness and beauty.

Yowamushi Pedal2 seasons (S3 in January!) / 62 eps — I just finished bingeing this anime, and it’s AMAZING. It’s so so so so good. Definitely in my top three along with Yuri!!! and Haikyu!(Can you tell I like the sports anime? I really like the sports anime.) The main character, Onoda, is a huge fan of anime and when he gets to high school all he wants to do is revive his school’s anime club so he can make friends (my sweet baby!!), but he ends up joining the bicycle racing club, despite never having ridden a racing bike in his life. I have a LOT of love for Onoda, along with all the rest of the misfits in this club. One other cool thing about this anime: From what I’ve seen, most animes have “next time on ____” previews at the end of each ep which can usually be skipped. But DO NOT SKIP THESE in Yowaped!! The “next time” clips are extra, small character moments that happened off-screen sometime during the ep, and they add SO MUCH to the show, it’s kind of mind-blowing. Watch this anime, please, and be prepared to binge multiple episodes per sitting because you will not. be. able to. stop. 

Chihayafuru  |  Erased


Chihayafuru2 seasons / 50 eps — I just finished watching this one today (Jan 1), and it’s great. It took me a little while, because it’s not one where I needed to watch the next eps right away, so I sort of interspersed these episodes among the other animes I’ve been watching. Chihayafuru is also a sports anime, but the sport is a traditional Japanese card came called Karuta. (You… just have to watch. It’s totally a sport.) It’s got really great characters, and I’m sad that I’ve now run out of episodes, because the ending didn’t wrap things up as nicely as I would’ve liked. It was still totally worth watching, though. Would recommend!

Erased1 season / 12 eps — — This is another one that I… literally just finished watching today. (I keep having to update the draft of this post, guys, this is getting ridiculous.) Anyway, Erased is a sci-fi murder mystery/thriller, and it’s super intriguing. (Also a bit dark, so fair warning.) The main character has this phenomenon happen to him where he spontaneously goes back in time a few minutes and is able to stop tragedies from happening. Well, something happens to someone close to him, and he goes back 18 years, to when he was 11 years old, presumably to stop the chain of events that leads up to what’s happened in his present — the thing is, a string of kidnappings and murders are also about to happen in the time he’s gone back to. (Dun dun dunnnnnnn.) As I mentioned, this has some darker themes, but holy crap did I love how this anime played out. Wow. I’d definitely recommend this, as long as you are not in the mood for fluffy cuteness. (Also, the English title is Erased, but the original title is also translated as The Town Where Only I Am Missing, which honestly fits the show much better than Erased, imo.)


Animes I’ve started watching but not finished:

  • Ace of the Diamond — 1/126 eps watched — This one is a sports anime about baseball, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it. I found the MC kind of annoying… But there are 126 epsiodes?? It’s got to get good if it lasted that long, right??
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood — 3/64 eps watched — I will watch this series. It’s been recommended to me by almost literally everyone I’ve asked for recs so far, so I’m pretty sure I’ll really like it… I just… got interrupted… by other animes……. I’ll get back to it, I promise!!
  • Yona of the Dawn  — 4/24 eps watched — I’ll also be continuing this series (it’s fantasy! there’s a reverse harem! yes please!!), but I need to be in the mood. So far it’s kind of slow, but I know it picks up later, and I’m excited for when it does.
  • Kuroko’s Basketball — 6/75 eps watched — Another sports anime, but I don’t find the characters in this one super engaging… yet? Hopefully ‘yet.’ I’ll continue watching, because it’s entertaining in small doses, but I’ll probably make progress fairly slowly unless things pick up character-wise.
  • Your Lie in April — 18/22 eps watched — I’m almost done with this one, but I’m not sure what I’ll rate it. It’s good — it’s about a young prodigy pianist with a super sad past, who befriends a genius violin player. There’s great music, and the main character (the pianist) is really interesting. But it’s got major manic-pixie-dream-girl issues, which I don’t like. *sigh*
  • Code Geass — 11/50 eps watched — This one was recommended to me by a few people, and it sounded SO GOOD. It was a pain to find, since it’s not on Hulu or Crunchyroll, but I finally found the DVDs at myriad branches of my library and had them brought to my local branch. I’m sort of sad about this one though, because I wanted to like it… and I’m not liking it. :( It’s very plot- and action-oriented, and that’s fine, but it seems to me like that’s hurting any meaningful character development (plus I don’t like the main character), so I’m finding it hard to get invested. I have to return the DVDs to the library tomorrow, and I’m not sure I’ll be checking them out again. *sadface*
  • Fate/Zero — 1/25 eps watched — All I know is there is some kind of fight-to-the-death that’s gonna happen between 7 different mages, who are each able to summon the spirit of a legendary fighter (like, King Arthur) to help them. It seems like this one is going to be dark and intense and I am ready.

Wrapping up…

Wow. Wow, wow wow. Putting all that down in writing is sort of… intense. I can’t believe I watched all of that in less than 2 months. O__O But I’ve been having a wonderful time, so I definitely don’t regret it. I watched most of these based on excellent recommendations from friends, so if you watch anime and have any other recommendations for me based on what I’ve enjoyed so far, please feel free to comment with more recs!

Finally, thanks for putting up with me and this very non-bookish post. I’m still trying to figure out how to jump back into reading and blogging after my burnout. The next few months are going to be super busy for me personally, so for now, most of my bookish updates will likely remain on Twitter and Goodreads for the foreseeable future. But I do hope to be utilizing this blog in some way this year — I just have to figure out a way that works for me. :) Thanks for your patience! ♥


PS: OH LOOK I FORGOT ONE: Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s a movie, but still.  I’m pretty sure I was the last person on the planet who hadn’t seen this before, but if you still haven’t, FIX YOUR LIFE PLEASE.

21 thoughts on “This Is Not A Post About Books (…whoops?)

  1. Haha you’ve really watched a lot of anime since October!!! I discovered Yuri on Ice around the same time as you, most likely a little bit later, and omg it stole my heart… (I’m actually listening to the soundtrack at this very moment). I’m currently praying for season 2.

    I recently finished Ouran, and it was surprisingly short for an anime that’s so beloved…. It was a bit outlandish, and totally not my normal taste, but nevertheless I fell in love with it. Ouran’s humor is just so spot on.

    I’ve also started Haikyu, and I was under some impression that the show was finished (thank god your post corrected that notion), so I was watching it really slowly, cause I have a terrible fear of show hangovers, but now, I’m off to binge it!!! Whose you favorite character from Haikyu? Mine’s Sugawara atm (he’s so freaking sweet).

    • Season 2 of YOI is totally happening!! Ouran is actually stealth smart, I feel like?? Like, if you’re not paying attention you might be like “omg this is dumb” but if you’re paying attention you’re like “THIS IS ACTUALLY SUPER CLEVER???”

      Haikyu is TOTALLY not over (all evidence points toward a season 4), so YES binge it! Suga is amazing; he’s totally the mom of the group. ^__^ If you put a gun to my head I’d probably tell you that Hinata and Kageyama are my faves, but I also adore Nishinoya and Tanaka and Daichi and Tsukki and literally every other Karasuno member and so many of the other teams’ members too. Just wait till you get more of their backstories… omg feelings.

      • YOI is mostly likely getting a season 2 (I mean what else can “See You Next Level” mean?), but it hasn’t been confirmed officially, and that makes me a bit nervous. Also that is so true, that is like Ouran in 2 words!!!

        Hinata and Kageyama are fabulous, I love their dynamic! And yes Suga is the freaking mom of the group!!! Also there’s backstory coming??? I love backstory!!!

  2. I completely understand how you feel! I’ve been struggling with reading and blogging this year too.

    I love anime! I haven’t watched any in a couple of years. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to look up some new series.

    Code Geass is the best! I got the whole first season on DVD from Amazon for $20! I haven’t watched Sword Art Online season two yet. Is it worth it?

    Thanks for this post! I got a couple of new series to check out! Do you use myanimelist? That’s a good place to find new shows. Mine’s below. I might have been a bit obsessed.

    • I wish I could enjoy Code Geass more… One of my friends pointed out to me that if I’d watched it earlier in my anime-binge I may have enjoyed it more, but I’ve watched a lot of anime with REALLY AMAZING character development so it’s falling flat. :(

      Sword Art Online S02… Honestly, I don’t think you’re missing much. It’s nowhere near as good as the first ARC of S01, but it’s not as bad as the second arc. I guess I’d say, watch it if you don’t have anything else you’re super enjoying and just need something to pass the time?

      I’ve started using MyAnimeList a bit, yes! Mostly to keep track of shows people are rec’ing me. It’s super helpful!

  3. YES! Anime binges are always so good though. I sadly haven’t had time to watch new anime at the moment (although YURI on ice is definitely on my to-watch list), so I can’t wait for a good binge.
    You’ve watched so many good ones though! I would recommend FMA Brotherhood- it is so good and emotional! It definitely gets better as time goes on.
    Nice to see another anime lover though!

  4. Love this! I hope you will be able to ease back into reading sometime this year but it’s great that anime has been there for your burned out self! I’ve watched SOME anime before in the past but really want to try more. I’ve seen you rave about YOI so I obviously need to try it, I didn’t realize I could watch it online for free! So I’ll def try that. I’ve seen SOME of fullmetal alchemist actually and really liked it but somehow got sidetracked and never finished? So that’s a shame. I’ve had friends who have really liked fruits basket too so that one rang a bell with me. Ummm also I’ve never watched Howl’s moving castle so obvs I need to fix my life… I WILL THOUGH!

    • Fruits Basket was one of the few anime I’d actually heard of (along with the manga) before jumping into the anime world headfirst. I feel like once you hear the title it just sticks in your head, lol. AND YES WENDYYYYY. You need to watch YOI, like, yesterday. Also yes, Howl’s Moving Castle, but mostly YOI–okay fine BOTH.

      And I am slowly getting back into reading. I actually just finished another book (Timekeeper by Tara Sim) and started reading The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. YAY!

  5. I totally understand the blogging/reading slump!! I read like30 books in June and I think it was overkill for me. I still read books after that month but it was kinda slow and no reviews. And I’ve been on hiatus since like then. I’m hoping to get back more into blogging/reading this year (again). I think I might try doing posts that aren’t strictly book related. Like anime review posts or rants about things. :)

    I discovered Yuri on Ice like right before Thanksgiving! I absolutely love that show and can’t wait for S2! Haikyuu is just as good!! Free was good but I prefer YOI and Haikyuu. I’m currently watching Ace of Diamonds. I have to agree that the mc is annoying but he gets better. The show can be funny! I would say to at least until like a few episodes after Eijun makes his decision.

    A good anime (at least I think it is classified as one) is Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir. It’s about teenage superheros. I find it really cute!

  6. I just added so many shows to my queue! Thank you! I’m loving Haikyu!!! I’m so happy you’re watching Yona and that you got to watch Howl’s Moving Castle! I’m so excited that you discovered anime! You have so many hours of quality entertainment in front of you!

  7. Okay, now I’m curious as to who you shipped with Fruits Basket (I’ve read the manga and watched the anime, so nothing would be a spoiler).

    The first arc of SAO was definitely the best of the franchise to date.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just over here flailing because you enjoyed so many of them. My heart is still full after finishing Days (are you excited for season 2?) and Haikyuu3!

    I’m a serial binge watcher when it comes to anime.

    • I shipped Tohru (Toru?) and Yuki…… But I have a feeling that Tohru/Kyo is the endgame ship… DON’T TELL ME THOUGH. I’ll try to read the manga and accept whatever is canon, lol.

      YES YES DAYS IS AMAZING, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON. I’m assuming it’ll be like… a year or so before it starts up again tho?? *cries* And same for Haikyu S4… Ugh. *waits impatiently* I am really glad that Yowamushi Pedal S3 starts soon. If you haven’t tried that one, I think you would probably really enjoy it since you like Haikyu and Days!!

      • Alright! I won’t say anything about how the manga ends!

        I have no idea on when Days2 will start! My only hope is fall 2017…because that would be a year off from the start of the first one. Haikyuu, on the other hand *cries* I have no idea when we can expect to be reunited with the volleyball idiots!! *more tears*

        I should watch Yowamushi Pedal *eyes sister who’s been recommending it since season one*!

        I’ve watched a lot of anime (of many genres), so, I’m always like, “Come to the dark side, we have ships upon ships to ship about,” when it comes to anime.

        P.S. I am so flail-y happy that you loved Howl’s Moving Castle!! ^_^

  8. Your recommendation is the main reason I watched YOI, so I trust your recs! I’ve been intrigued about watching other series(because there has to be a limit to how many times I can rewatch YOI? Right?), and I feel like I’m missing out on so many amazing stories now! But BECAUSE I started with YOI and I loved it so much, I’ve been afraid that nothing else will measure up, so this was SUPER HELPFUL, thank you! I think I’ll try Haikyu!! next since you love it so much! And totally bookmarking this post for future reference.

    • But BECAUSE I started with YOI and I loved it so much, I’ve been afraid that nothing else will measure up

      I was afraid of this EXACT THING. I loved YOI so much that I was afraid it was The Pinnacle and everything else would be Lesser Than. The fact is, I really don’t think there’s another anime out there that’s super comparable to YOI. But it’s not that the other stuff doesn’t measure up. There is stuff out there that is DIFFERENT from YOI that is also 100000000% worth your time and love. LIKE HAIKYU!! So yes. Watch that.

  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I am all the happy now!!! YOI is the best thing of 2016 for sure but also YAYYY Haikyuu is my faaaavorite anime ever. Also love for Ouran HS HC and yes you do need to read the manga of Fruits Basket. But also of Ouran because the eeeending. And ahaha I so get the love for sports anime. I like Kuroko’s Basketball, but Haikyuu is still my favorite. And I never got into Ace of the Diamond either. BUT so much love for FMA: Brotherhood. And Fate/Zero is kind of a slow show but it’s fantastic and absolutely worth your time. And the animation is GORGEOUS.

    You should check out the website if you haven’t already! For sure.

    • Haikyu is basically at the same level as YOI as far as my fave anime is concerned. Like I go through periods of “FAVE IS DEFINITELY YOI” and “FAVE IS DEFINITELY HAIKYU” so I have to put them both on the top shelf, lol. That is GOOD TO KNOW about Fate/Zero. I’ve still only watched 1 ep and I get the feeling that that’ll be another one I’m slow to get through, but I will try and make steady progress!

      I did find the MAL site! It’s been super helpful!

  10. YAY YAY YAY FOR ANIME! I still haven’t watched Yuri on Ice, but I promise you that it is on my list ;) I watched Sword Art Online (just S1 though) and Ouran High School Host Club (love) last year, and absolutely loved both. (Well, just part 1 of S1 for SAO, really.) Anime is something I’m definitely getting back into, and I’m so glad so many people I know online are getting into it as well!

  11. I get the same way with books. Especially lately. I love anime but I’ve actually gotten back into Kdramas/cdramas (which there are lot of kdramas based off anime/manga) and gaming. I realized my book reading went way down because of this but sometimes I just need a different outlet to get my stories.


    But I digress for the sake of my sanity. YOI is incredible and I still haven’t rewatched it which I cannot BELIIIEEEEVE but I’ve just been so busy and now with school starting… *cries* We’ll have to have a spring break rewatch or something. ;D I need to rewatch Haikyuu too, but with so many eps…yikes. I might rewatch it before season 4, or just read the manga and count that as a rewatch lol.

    I have the first volume of the Fruits Basket compendium manga but I’m 1) lazy, and 2) busy, so I haven’t gotten around to it. But I also know that it’s a classic and I should probably read it at some point lmao. Same with Ouran High School Host Club omg.

    YES FREE. It’s totally fan service-ridden, but I just love how fun and not-serious it is. Also Haru is an angel and I love him and his stupid water-obsessed self. What a gem.

    I’ve heard a lot about Yowamushi Pedal too, and Poco’s Udon World. I figure they’re both anime I’ll get around to soon, but ugh so many shows! I’m glad you enjoyed all of these though. ;P And you know you can always bring your fabulous anime talk to my DMs because I’m always up for new shows (and ships)!


  13. Wow you’ve watched almost 20 animes in the past two months! That’s a whole lot. I’m trying to learn Japanese and I have been thinking about watching Japanese animes as my major method, but so far I’ve only been watching Maruko LOL I’ll try to watch half of what you recommended and see if it’s a good way to study.

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