Summer Lovin’ Read-a-Thon: Day 2

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SummerLovinBadge2Summer Lovin’ runs from July 1-7. This is a no-pressure Read-a-Thon – the point is to have fun and to tackle your summer TBR list. Set your own goals and enjoy participating in posts, challenges, and giveaways! It will all culminate in a 24-hr marathon read-a-thon, from Saturday July 6th at 10am EST, to Sunday July 7th at 10am EST. Sign ups are open through July 6th!

Today is Day Two of the Read-a-Thon, and today’s discussion topic is…

You’re the One That I Want

List your must-have summer reading (the ones you read over and over again) or give us some of your favorite recommended summer reads.

I’m dividing this topic into two sections…

1) Recommended Summer Reading

These are some lighter, what-I-consider summery reads, which I would totally consider re-reading if I had the time (darn you, Goodreads and my mile-long TBR list!!). Definitely check these out if you haven’t read them! (Especially The Art of Wishing – that book needs more love, it is ADORABLE.)

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2) My Highly-Anticipated Summer Releases

I’d also like to take this opportunity to list the not-yet-released summer reads that I’m most looking forward to! Since summer officially ends on September 21st, these all come out between now and then, and I am SUPER EXCITED for all of them!

I hope everyone has these on their TBR lists, because they all look like they’re going to be AMAZING!