I’m baaaack! | Hiatus progress + August TBR


Hi, guys! It’s officially August, and that means… I am officially back in the blogging game! I thought a good way to get back into the swing of things would be to write a quick post about my hiatus, so… voila!

In my hiatus post, I talked a big game about getting ahead on reviews… Well, that didn’t really happen. And that’s okay! I really needed to step back from the blog and not stress for a while. I had one project especially that I really didn’t want to rush, and taking a hiatus helped that happen! I also decided to let myself read whatever I wanted, not just what was up next in my “schedule”, and thus a couple of highly-anticipated review books happened a little bit earlier than I’d anticipated, lol. I also got a few re-reads in!

Here’s a graphical representation of my hiatus, for anyone curious what went down:

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Hiatus Announcement + Giveaway!

July 9th – July 31st

I know, I know — I just took a short hiatus a little over a month ago, before/during/and after BEA, thanks to the craziness that surrounded that week… but man it’s hard to catch up after falling behind! After BEA, being super busy with work, then ALA, and now another project I’m currently working on… I’ve been feeling like a bit of a failure at blogging. =S I have no buffer of reviews to post! I haven’t finished a review book in 2-3 weeks! What is happening?!?! Just busyness, and I’ll have more time to do all of that soon. But with the stress I’m feeling, I took a hard look at what I want to be doing, and it’s not “read a book, write a review, post immediately,” which is what I’ve been doing for… well, a while.

So I’ve decided it’s time to put the blog on “pause” for a little bit. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of taking a hiatus for some time, for the sole purpose of getting ahead on my posts and reviews. Part of my stress is the teetering stack of books I want to read/review in the coming months. I can feel them watching me, I swear. And for some reason, right now, I’m more stressed about it all, than I am excited to read them. Which is not okay!!! (And trust me, I know this stress is self-inflicted. That just makes it harder to banish!)  So, I’ve decided to take the breather I need to help me let go, try to get my busyness under control, and try to get ahead, for once, on my blog posts. So…

I’ll be taking a break from posting here until the end of July.

I’ll still be on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, etc, so I’m not going totally dark! I just want to use this time to read lots of books and write lots of reviews and posts, and not worry about posting them until I’m back, so I can schedule out a few weeks in advance. :)

BUT I don’t want to go away for any length of time without doing something fun for you all, who are so wonderful to stick around and put up with me. ;)

So, I mentioned how I’ve been getting stressed about upcoming review books… Yeah, yeah, I hear you being all, “WHY, Nikki?! You should just be excited!!” and I know that, I really do, so I wanted to take this time to feature some of the upcoming Fall/Winter (but not necessarily review-) books that I truly am over-the-moon-excited about…

…And I also want to give away a preorder of a Fall/Winter book YOU are excited about!!

So here are some books that I am DYING FOR AND I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THEM (also some ideas for the giveaway-winner’s book of choice? It’s up to you!)…

queenofshadows willfulmachines Winter fracturedlight
imposterqueen riders raven king winners kiss

I still left off a TON of books I’m excited about in addition to these — if I hadn’t cut myself off though, this post would end up being a giant wall of book covers. But I think that covers at least 1 book per month from September through March! Are we excited yet?!

What books are YOU most looking forward to this fall/winter??

I really want to hear what everyone is most excited about reading, what they’ve maybe already preordered(???), and what they’d choose to preorder if they win! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below and be sure to fill in the “commented” entry if you leave a comment!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is for 1 fall/winter preorder of $17 or less, and is open to international entries if The Book Depository ships to you. If the book you want isn’t available for preorder yet, that’s fine! I can order it when it shows up.

♥ See you back here in August! ♥

Brief (work- and BEA-induced) hiatus!


Hey guys! So originally, I wasn’t going to make this an official hiatus or anything. I was just going to sit around and… not post for a while…? But then I realized that sitting around not posting was actually making me feel guilty about not posting. And I’m done with blogging guilt. So! I’m letting myself off the hook.

I’ve been incredibly busy and stressed with work lately, and just haven’t had time to be blogging as much as I’d like. Unfortunately, this week has been (and will continue to be) no different, and then next week is BookExpo America! Which means I definitely won’t have time for blogging. X_X But rest assured, I will come back from BEA with posts aplenty! I’ve got a very exciting tour stopping by the blog on June 1st, and obviously there will be BEA recaps (!!) and reviews (as usual) once I’m back. ;)

Thanks for understanding, all! See you post-NYC! <3

Something is coming………..



Two bloggers (of whom you may or may not already know – but if you don’t you really should!) are teaming up to bring us book lovers a new – and expressive – site that will allow our close-knit community to continue spreading our universal love of reading. I have been asked to help these two mystery bloggers with their BIG REVEAL, which will be taking place on Monday, January 12th.

But before the BIG REVEAL, you will have the opportunity to spread the word across the web, and in return enter to win two highly-coveted prizes!

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