Review Recap: April 2013

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I didn’t do a recap post for my first month of blogging (March), but I think this was pretty a good group for my second month! :D 9 books reviewed, 12 books read (5 of which I still have to write up reviews for, wheee). So without further ado, here are the reviews from this month:


The Madness Underneath Gravity 
Obsidian Mirror
The Immortal Rules Icons

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The Madness Underneath

The Madness Underneath, by Maureen Johnson

The last paragraph of the summary is not lying when it says you will be on the edge of your seat until the very end. Or at least, you will be on the edge of your seat at the very end, because Maureen Johnson is cruel and unusual and this is one of the worst cliffhangers I have ever experienced IN MY LIFE. I will be billing her for my therapy later. But despite (and possibly because of) that, I adored this book. It pushed so many of my emotional buttons, I can’t NOT give it 5 stars. This is one of my new favorite series, and I cannot wait until Book 3. Continue reading →

The Art of Wishing, by Lindsay Ribar

I had ridiculously high expectations for The Art of Wishing. Probably the fact that it has to do with genies, mixed with the sort of quirky/cute contemporary feel of the title and cover. (Plus I just haven’t read enough books about genies/djinn even though I find them really interesting). That combo had me hooked, and I was going to be SUPER disappointed if the book didn’t live up to my very high expectations.

Oh, but it did. It really, really did. Continue reading →


The Nightmare Affair, by Mindee Arnett

I’m so torn about this book. I wanted to love it. It sounds fantastic, and that cover is gorgeous, and I love everything about the premise. But I can’t shake the feeling of disappointment I felt when I finished it.

The  Nightmare Affair is actually a really fun read, and it’s pretty cute. Which confuses me, because I love cute, light stories. But this one just didn’t work for me. Continue reading →


Unbreakable, by Elizabeth Norris

Unbreakable is an un-put-down-able, action-packed end to a fantastic duology. Loved it. I will totally be recommending this series to anyone and everyone I think might possibly enjoy it. I still can’t believe that this was Elizabeth Norris’s debut series. I mean, come on. Continue reading →


Gravity, by Melissa West

The plot is ok and might have worked – except for the mostly unmemorable and one-dimensional characters. Ari is the one exception – she’s a kick-butt girl, for sure. She can take care of herself, think quickly under pressure, and is super confident despite having a lot to live up to. For the most part, I liked her. However… all of the other characters fell flat for me. Continue reading →

Obsidian Mirrortwo-half-stars

Obsidian Mirror, by Catherine Fisher

I really enjoyed Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron, and I had high hopes that this new series-opener would live up to it, and/or possibly be even better.

Unfortunately… it didn’t, and it wasn’t. There was just too much going on. On the surface, the blend of real-world, faery, the sci-fi of time travel, and a dystopian future sounds intriguing. I think this could have been done well. The problem is, it’s told from the perspective of no less than nine different characters. Continue reading →


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, by Jennifer E. Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is about… well, love. It’s about the love between parents, and how that love can end; it’s about the love between a father and child, how that love can be damaged (and repaired); and it’s about the love between two people who meet in an airport, and how that love can begin.

One of my favorite reads so far this year. Continue reading →

The Immortal Rulesfour-stars

The Immortal Rules, by Julie Kagawa

I loved the dark, gritty world Kagawa created for this series. It’s terrifying and cruel and bleak, but it created an atmosphere where the characters, flawed as they were, could really shine. I would definitely recommend The Immortal Rules to anyone who likes dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic and/or vampire novels – unless you prefer your vampires sparkly, in which case… probably steer clear of this one. ;) Continue reading →


Icons, by Margaret Stohl

I was positive this book would be amazing. Positive. And it would’ve been… if the book had actually been able to pull off everything the summary implies. I was expecting some pretty good world-building. I wanted to know what was up with these Icon things, what the world was like after the aliens killed a huge portion of the population, why these kids would be held hostage, and why their emotions were so important – and the major problem I had with Icons is how all of those things are resolved (or not). Continue reading →

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