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Top Ten Most-Read Authors

I only have one thing to say about this Top Ten, and that is: Thank GOD for the “most-read authors” tool on Goodreads because seriously this topic would have been a nightmare without it.

Oh, and also… the total counts include novellas and re-reads, but (for the most part) the re-reads are only included for books I read after I joined Goodreads. J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis would be much higher up on the list if I had any idea how many times I’d re-read their books… I did give Brian Jacques the honorary #1 spot because I know for a fact that I read 90% of his Redwall books at least 3x each. (shut up)

Oh, and — when choosing book covers, I selected the first book I read of each author. ;)


Brian Jacques
Approx. 54 books read


Brandon Sanderson
32 books read


Jim Butcher
27 books read


Rick Riordan
19 books read


Maggie Stiefvater
15 books read

Tied for 6th

Sarah J. Maas
11 books read

← Tied for 6th

Victoria (V.E.) Schwab
11 books read

← Tied for 6th

Julie Kagawa
11 books read

Tied for 7th

Marissa Meyer
10 books read

← Tied for 7th

Terry Brooks
10 books read

Tied for 8th

Brigid Kemmerer
8 books read

← Tied for 8th

J.K. Rowling
8++ books read

← Tied for 8th

Leigh Bardugo
8 books read

Tied for 9th

Scott Lynch
7 books read

Tied for 9th

Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
7 books read

Tied for 10th

C.S. Lewis
6++ books read

← Tied for 10th

Madeleine L’Engle
6 books read

← Tied for 10th

Amie Kaufman
6 books read

Who are your most-read authors?

Let me know in the comments! And be sure to leave a link to your Top Ten post. I’d love to stop by!

16 thoughts on “My Most-Read Authors

  1. OH MAN. Redwall was my first fandom. I was pretty active on some role playing message boards that were Redial based back in the day! But I don’t think I’ve read all of them (there are so many more than I remember!) and I haven’t reread all of them :P Great list!

  2. So wild how most of these authors could’ve been on my list, especially if I had stuck to more recent times. However, over my lifetime, my TTT is sort of lopsided in favor of more prolific writers rather than especial brilliant authors who might write less. This was a hard top ten for me to figure out just how to decide how to qualify why certain authors made it on the list.

  3. If I counted re-reads, Jane Austen and J. K. Rowling would top my list for sure. Astrid Lindgren and Roald Dahl would probably also make it on account of re-reads, they haven’t written that many books…
    The rest of the list would be dominated by romance writers, though, their books are so short (compared to fantasy anyway) and they are so easy to binge-read! (I really should read less fluff).

    • I mean, I think I’ve read about 15-16 unique Sanderson novels/novellas, and then… the rest are re-reads… lol. I think putting re-reads makes my numbers seem skewed a little, but hey, I read them more than once, that should factor in somehow! lol

  4. Redwall! Oh I loved those books so much. I packed those up and passed them on years ago and it hurt a little. Maybe I’ll have to start to rebuy them for the little one.

  5. I really need to finish The Dresden Files! JK Rowling was in my list this week as well. I’m hoping to start reading Cinder this week. You have some interesting books on this list that I’ve never heard of – better add them to my ever-growing to-read list!

  6. Aww, I wish I had read your blog post first! I had no idea there was a “most-read authors” option on Goodreads. That would have saved me a good half hour. ;)
    And that’s a clever idea, including re-reads. Which means I have read more of Marissa Meyer, which makes me happy!

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