Intro: Hello, world!

184083_10100504052167318_1826611_nI’ve been thinking about starting my own book blog for a really long time; and especially since this year began, I’ve been dying to get it going. I used to read all the time when I was in middle and high school, and then kind of tapered off in college, and especially once I graduated and started working full-time (from home, which gets a little confining). But in the past couple years, I’ve been reading every single chance I get, because I realized how much I missed it. There’s something I love about imagining a story as I read, versus watching TV or movies; it puts me in a totally different mindset. Plus when I started actually hunting for books on Goodreads, I realized that there were hundreds of stories out there that I really wanted to read and I should probably get started on that.  Once I did, I haven’t quite been able to stop.

I ended up reviewing a few books on Goodreads, but realized I really wanted my own place to share my thoughts about the books I’m reading, and the books I’m looking forward to. I used to keep a LiveJournal, but that was more for personal journaling, and I definitely wasn’t reading nearly as much when I was over there. I’m hoping this blog will enable me to reach out more easily, and find other bloggers who share the same interests! (I’d love to hear any tips seasoned bloggers might have for maintaining a book blog, so please feel free to comment!)

Anyway, a little bit about me… my name is Nikki, I’m 24… and as I try to pull from thin air some facts about myself, I realize once again that I am terrible at talking about myself. I live in Seattle, WA… I like reading (obviously) and I stick to YA pretty much exclusively. Scifi, fantasy, supernatural/paranormal, steampunk, dystopian, post-apocalyptic… you probably know the drill. ;)

So, officially, hello! *waves* Feel free to take a look at some of the entries I cross-posted here (from my earlier Goodreads reviews)… and say Hi in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Intro: Hello, world!

  1. Hey Nikki! It’s Mandee from VeganYANerds/TheBookishManicurist – thanks so much for tweeting about TBM :)

    I started a blog, with my co-bloggers, for the same reasons, Goodreads was good but I wanted my own place and you will love having a blog of your own :)

    • Hi Mandee! Thanks for being my first commenter!! :) I love nail polish and books, and the combination is stellar. Super excited to be following you.

      And I’m really happy that I finally did this, too. It will be a lot of fun finally interacting in a community I’ve just been admiring for a while! ;)

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