I’m baaaack! | Hiatus progress + August TBR


Hi, guys! It’s officially August, and that means… I am officially back in the blogging game! I thought a good way to get back into the swing of things would be to write a quick post about my hiatus, so… voila!

In my hiatus post, I talked a big game about getting ahead on reviews… Well, that didn’t really happen. And that’s okay! I really needed to step back from the blog and not stress for a while. I had one project especially that I really didn’t want to rush, and taking a hiatus helped that happen! I also decided to let myself read whatever I wanted, not just what was up next in my “schedule”, and thus a couple of highly-anticipated review books happened a little bit earlier than I’d anticipated, lol. I also got a few re-reads in!

Here’s a graphical representation of my hiatus, for anyone curious what went down:


Links || Illuminae | Steelheart | Firefight | Calamity
Midnight Thief | Six of Crows | Of Dreams and Rust | Mistborn

You can look forward to a review for Midnight Thief‘s sequel, Daughter of Dusk, soon! Plus a tour post for Of Dreams and Rust, as well as reviews of Six of Crows (at the end of the month) and Illuminae (in September)! I’m also thinking that I should probably write a real review of Mistborn sometime… I’m going to have to figure out how to do that without melting into a puddle of incoherency, though. We’ll see how that goes… :P

(For those curious about Calamity, I’m keeping my mouth shut for now, but you can definitely expect a review closer to/on pub date. ;) )

Overall, I think my hiatus was a very much-needed break from the blogging stress I was feeling. It gave me time to step back a bit, reevaluate my priorities, and really take a look at how I need to blog in order to keep it fun and stress-free. I sound like one of many, many broken records when I say this, but when blogging is a hobby, it needs to be fun! My actual job is the only job I need in my life — I don’t need blogging turning into one, as well. ;)

That being said, I think this is a good time to talk a little bit about my…

August TBR!

The whole idea of a “TBR schedule” is one I’ve struggled with for a very long time. I’ve finally found a method that works best for me, but it’s still really easy to fall into the “must read these ARC’s in this specific order” schedule pit of despair. I’m really really trying to be better about reading what I want when I want, though, as opposed to sticking to a schedule. It’s not only more fair to me, but it’s more fair to the books — if I force myself to read one book when I’d rather be reading a different one, my opinion of that forced book is going to suffer. Nobody wants that!

Anyway, this is a really rambly segue into talking about my August TBR. I’ve got a Goodreads shelf where I list all the books I’m considering reading/reviewing that month, which I use like a “grab bag” to pick the books I read. These are my choices for August!


The top row is organized by the order in which I currently feel like reading them, but the rest are basically organized by pub date. I’m so, so excited for so many of these books — as I mentioned, I’ve already started Daughter of Dusk, which is quite good so far. I think I’ll probably end up reading The Rest of Us Just Live Here next, but we’ll see what’s calling to me when I finish Daughter of Dusk.

This month, I’m also re-reading (via audiobook) Cinder, planning to re-read Mistborn book 2 (The Well of Ascension)… and maybe books 1-3 of the Throne of Glass series. Maybe. If I can bring myself to listen to the audiobooks. I tried once, and it didn’t end well (ugh, the narrator, omg).

…And now I’m thinking of making this TBR post a regular beginning-of-the-month thing, where I could also update about which books I read/which books I skipped the previous month and why… Could be fun? Yes? No? Maybe so? :P

Anyway, I’m excited to be back! I know it doesn’t take much effort to just sit and wait while a blogger gets her crap together ;) but your patience is appreciated all the same. ♥

How was everyone else’s July? Productive? Hot? Restful?
What books from my August TBR have you read, or are SUPER excited for?
But most importantly: HOW IS IT ALREADY AUGUST?!?!?!

17 thoughts on “I’m baaaack! | Hiatus progress + August TBR

  1. Donut you don’t even need your actual job in your life. Well I mean I guess you do so you can have money but ughhhhhhh work.



    • I wish I didn’t need my actual job in my life. I WISH SO HARD. Stupid money.

      I’ll tell you what you DON’T want happening: Me reading Hook’s Revenge before I’m in the mood for it.



    Glad to hear the break was exactly what you needed as far as break from blogging it was!

    I’m still on the process of moving because getting an apartment ready from scratch it’s quite a bit of work and I really don’t feel like moving without lamps and the like, but at least I finally have the kitchen done!

    I came out of my own hiatus a while back, but the blog is still running at half speed because I’m still too damned busy!


      I have been following your apartment adventures on Twitter and OMG I do not envy you all the stress BUT your apartment is going to be AMAZING and SO worth it!!!!!

      If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my hiatus, it’s that the person who cares the most when a blog gets slow (or goes on hiatus) is the blogger. Literally nobody else has any problem with it. And yet we still feel guilty?!?!?! D:

  3. Welcome Back! Perfect timing!!! I am so excited for the fall blogging season… I am beyond thrilled it’s August 1st! I think there will be a few people coming back from summer hibernation…



    I think it’s really important to remember that blogging is a hobby, and hobbies are fun. (I’m essentially parroting what you said, but it’s important!)

  5. Yey welcome baaaaaack! I like the idea of a post of the upcoming months reads, that way we can help you choose too if you’re undecided ;).

    Uuuuugh the ToG narrator completely ruined that series for me, I can’t get her out of my head when reading normally now too D: probably why I still have y finished Heir of Fire >.<

  6. Welcome back! I totally understand the need for a break. I can’t believe you got to beta read Calamity!! I’m so jealous!! I don’t suppose you could tell me how much you liked it?

  7. Welcome back! The only set TBR I have at the moment are the books I plan on reading for the BookTube-a-thon this week and then even that is subject to change. #proudmoodreader

  8. Glad you’re back! I have a few of the same books for my ARC August TBR pile. I’m also reading Daughter of the Dusk at the moment. I just got approved for it last week, and didn’t realize it was book 2. But thankfully it’s not that hard to follow along. And I think it’s a great idea to do this as a regular beginning of the month post :)

  9. Welcome back!!

    I just came back to my blog too, after a big break (from back in March!!). I too needed some time just to get back into the mindspace of enjoying my blog…I also just moved house so I needed to focus on that.

    I do monthly TBR’s on my blog too (mine is up on Wednesday). WOW that’s a lot of books to choose from – good luck haha! I really need to read the Mistborn series…I keep hearing amazing things, and the Brandon Sanderson covers here in the UK are beautiful!

    Enjoy your reading/blogging month :)

  10. Welcome back, Nikki. Glad to have you return to the blogging world. Looks like you’ve had a nice break with some great reads. I’ve heard Illuminate is amazing. Seems you liked it. :)

  11. Reawakened is definitely a must read for me, besides the gorgeous cover I did read three of her Tiger Curse books (still need to read the last Tiger’s Destiny) and really liked the series. I also need to read Daughter Of Dusk to continue with the series and I’m really interested in Lock & Mori but the reviews have me worried. I have Illuminae but haven’t read it yet because everyone seems to have a book hangover after reading it. I’m scared but it is a beautiful ARC and I usually don’t keep books once I have read them but I might have to hang on to this.

  12. I always love TBR posts (and updates about how you did on them too!) so yeah, make this a thing. Also, I totally loved this idea for a GR shelf for possible TBR’s but not as definitive because I definitely never stick to a TBR.

  13. Yes I love this post! You should continue it! I’m glad you were able to destress about the blog, it’s so easy to get caught up in “should” and feeling guilty. Yay for taking breaks! Looks like a good mix of review and fun books for your hiatus too. I can’t wait to read Six of Crows and Illuminae! I need to read Midnight Thief too. I’m sort of trying with an ARC/reading schedule which I’m semi sticking too, but I’ve been giving myself more freedom to choose whatever and to DNF, which is helping a lot. I just read Dumplin’ which was wonderful and I’m starting Ash and Bramble. I second Angie, read Hook’s Revenge! It’s clever and cute. I reeeally want to read Lock and Mori but I’m trying to wait bc I don’t want to compare it to the Every series since I just finished (even though I know I will). Happy reading!

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